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Contemporary Landscape Design

Unlike modern-it utilizes traditional approaches to space with newer finishes or applied technologies. Without realizing it, contemporary design exists everywhere such as in a 60’s home remodel or a new classic home with modern finishes-the slicker look of all stainless steel appliances. It could be thought of as reinvigorating the old with clearer function new materials, technologies while creating the simplicity and beauty and organic in the new.

Creating Contemporary Landscape Design
As a design form, the contemporary may work with a classic landscape design form based on axial relationships or a modern landscape design. Within the classic garden design foundation contemporary would include updating design form and simplifying materials. Within the modern landscape design, the contemporary would add a more humanistic approach to the use of space rather than pure focus on form or add more detail in finishes to “warm up the space”.

Form and Function in Contemporary Landscape Design
As in Modern Landscape Design, it is still important that form follows function. In fact this is an important maxim for contemporary design especially in a home remodel or update. We are essentially bringing outdated space, materials and landscaping into the 21st century. Away from the straight or overly manicured hedges or old uneven brick patios built to only accommodate seating for four and a charcoal grill. Contemporary landscape design has the use of diverse concrete applications and finishes, full grills and bars for complete outdoor entertainment and landscape plantings that don’t require weekly hedging. A Contemporary landscape design can significantly “bring up” the functionality and value of an older home.


Today’s Technology in Your Contemporary Landscape With breakthroughs in concrete as well as the wide range of availability in stone, tile, and stone veneers from around the world, there are a whole range of creative possibilities for bringing a contemporary warm look to the Contemporary landscape garden. Contemporary landscapes still utilize natural materials but with new installation technologies to create beauty, warmth, simplicity and clean finishes.
Plant Materials and design for the Contemporary Landscape Again the theme runs true for updating and simplifying tried and true great design with the best of modern materials. “By designing in bands and blocks of contrasting materials and colors we create a symphony of color year round,” says Jeff Halper with Exterior Worlds. Accents and pops of color are accentuated by beautiful planter bowls or small ornamental trees. As everything grows in a beautiful garden of varying sizes, heights, colors and mysteries for the viewer to experience prevail.

Other uses of space in contemporary designs include:

  • Outdoor rooms for living. These living areas, in effect, extend the inside out. They also serve to create transition areas that connect indoor and outdoor spaces. In this regard, this style is similar to a Mediterranean landscape design in its use of the outdoor living area for entertainment and use just as the home’s interior.
  • Outdoor kitchens. These can be the center of outdoor entertainment. Outdoor kitchens provide a natural gathering place and inspire our primitive yearnings. Their design should complement the homes architecture, selection of materials and weave naturally out into the landscape.
  • Luxury swimming pools. When designed from a contemporary viewpoint, luxury swimming pools are anything but the rectangle, ameba or boring tile waterline finishes of the past. Contemporary swimming pools can also be combine with an outdoor water fountain that eliminates building a separate water feature while adding functional, usable art as part of the overall pools function.

Thoroughly Contemporary
Contemporary landscape design and contemporary design in general pervades our design world. Contemporary design is the application of tried and true design fundamentals with Modern landscape design functionality. Natural materials are used to bring a timeless sense of warmth and beauty.