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Contemporary Pool

Custom geometry characterizes contemporary pool design.
Author Jeff HalperIn mathematics there are only a few of basic geometric shapes.
When varied in proportion and angle, or when combined, though, this handful of designs becomes a near-infinite universe of linear movements, radial arcs, and complex angles. Contemporary design revels in generating such forms in order to explore the complex realm of abstract thought. Water elements contained in such designs have a powerful subliminal effect by virtue of this.

Unique functions and aesthetics are innate to contemporary pools.
Spa pools are another great addition to a yard with limited space.
Spa pools by their very nature look luxurious and modernesque. In addition to the chic aesthetic they contribute to the scene, they also play a very important function in giving people in physical therapy an valuable forum for healthy exercise and muscle tension relief. Spa pools can be built to simply relax in, or they can be built with water jets that allow the swimmer to swim against the current like a person swimming laps.


Infinity pools have the unique ability to connect surrounding landscape elements to the earth itself.
The highly reflective surface of the water works like a mirror that captures the images of your home, patio furnishings, masonry walls, outdoor art, and trees. As the water disappears over the edge of the pool, the forms above the ground appear to unify themselves with the landscape itself. This is a powerful tool for creating unity in a contemporary landscape design.

Contemporary pools are famous for their unique interiors.
Homeowners are no longer limited to the same generic choices between, vinyl liners, and plaster. Today’s custom pool design allows for a much wider range of choices.
Custom tile work is one great way to establish a chic interior.
There are many different tile types you can choose from. Some look like classical mosaics. Others, like cobalt glass, can make the interior of your swimming pool look like the color of the ocean. Copper veins can create a gilded look that looks superb under pool lights at night.

Pebbled interiors are created with a special lining of tightly fused pebbles is laid across the bottom and sides of the pool.
They make the pool look like part of a river running over rocks. This is a very durable interior as well as decorative one, and it looks even better when illuminated with underwater lighting.

Marble and granite are mainstay luxury materials that also enjoy a significant place in contemporary design.
For homeowners who are able to afford a polished marble or granite interior, a swimming pool made from either of these materials feels like silk to the touch. These materials are particularly resistant to algae and stains if they are polished correctly.

Contemporary pool patios are designed to compliment pool interiors.
The most important thing about a contemporary pool is to establish the landscape with a modernesque keynote that brings an eclectic home design into union with an avant garde hardscape, outdoor modern art, and very selective plantings of key organic elements.

Patio geometry does not always exactly correlate to the shape of the pool. However, continuity with pool design is established through a correspondence of materials and the designs created using those materials. Materials commonly used in patio design include, but are not limited to; pavers made of stone, concrete blocks, tiles, clay bricks, and exposed aggregate.

The final choice in materials is based upon the interior of the pool, home architecture, and the hardscape elements of the surrounding landscape.