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How to Turn Your Yard into an Art Gallery

Contemporary landscaping can be a very subtle, yet highly effective method of turning a yard into an outdoor art gallery where all manner of contemporary forms can be displayed with museum quality decor.

If you like to showcase metal sculpture in your yard, you can do this in a variety of places. Many different contemporary landscaping elements can be excellent forums for the display of sculptures of all types and sizes.

Gravel beds, for example, are ideal places to erect very large abstract pieces. The simplicity of gravel makes it a good foundational support for a piece that is intended to capture all of your intention. Unlike a more formal podium, it will not distract the eye from the sculpture itself.

Then again, you may way to display smaller sculptures in a manner that emphasizes a collection of forms. In this event, a very noticeable, geometric platform would actually work to your advantage. You can do this on small, square custom patios, or even have us create concrete cubes of various dimensions upon which you can mount your pieces.


In fact, an entire contemporary landscaping theme can be developed around linear and quadrilateral surface mounts that showcase all manner and sizes of sculptures in your yard.

If you have other contemporary art made from stone, plastic, or glass, consider having it mounted on your swimming pool patio. Glass, in particular, will make for a superb compliment to the sparkle of the water.

Stone art can also be displayed lend a sense of absolutism to the scene. Stone is the most ancient of building materials and as such has a deep, symbolic meaning to us all.

Stonework in contemporary landscaping is somewhat unique in comparison to other forms of landscape design. The “natural” aspect of rock is minimized and replaced with a deliberately formed appearance.

While the art may be highly abstract in nature, the final piece leaves no doubt that the stone has been significantly reworked by the hand of man.

Such a work is ideal to use as a focal point for a modern garden. Because vegetation must be very controlled and minimized in contemporary gardening, vertical impact must often be achieved with inorganic elements. Stone art, due to the powerful effects it has on the subconscious mind, does not have to be that all that large to achieve this effect.

Another form of outdoor art you can add to your contemporary landscaping theme is painting. Concrete is used extensively in many modern landscape designs. As such, there is a tremendous opportunity to showcase all manner of colors and forms by simply painting the designs on the concrete itself.

Many artists like to erect a wall and then fill it with geometric shapes or with mural work of some kind. Such a wall can be a powerful compliment to the linear run of your home. Or, you can have multiple mural walls rising up throughout your yard, each with a walkway leading up to it, and each with its own custom patio for guests to stand and study its aesthetic.