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Exterior Worlds Antique Ornamental Iron Design And Installation ServicesPrairie style antique ornamental iron stair railing and newel posts. A late 1880s woven wire train station ticket teller cage with original railway monogram. A circa 1907 antique ornamental iron ventilation ceiling grate, delicately perforated, from a Masonic temple theater. From the Chicago of the 1800s, an antique wrought iron railing with acorn finial and post.

Just read some of the descriptions of antique ornamental iron pieces that are available today and you get a sense of history. If only these pieces could talk! The events they’ve seen, the stories they could tell, the wisdom they carry.

Architects, distributors, builders, interior decorators, collectors, developers and history buffs scour the world for such antique pieces to place in a landscape design. These highly prized ornamental iron pieces add character and interest to any yard and garden area. With heft and style, they convey gravitas.

Landscape designers and landscape architects have found that antique ornamental iron accentuates a theme within a garden design. For example, an English garden design always has a spot for an ornamental gate or wrought iron garden arbor. Antique iron railing might highlight the area surrounding an outdoor water fountain in a classical landscape design, as another example.


The quality and designs of old, vintage wrought iron are superior, sometimes quirky, always interesting. Knowledgeable antique buyers look not only for the show stopper pieces, such as a balcony railing from Barcelona or a garden gate from old London, but also original antique iron hardware.

Items in this subset include antique iron thumb latches (spade latches, bean latches, Norfolk latches and exterior latches), antique iron hinges (strap hinges and H hinges), large door pulls, levers, push plates, letter slots, knobs and door knockers. Look for these antique hardware pieces in brass, bronze and iron.

When buying large pieces like wrought iron garden gates, wrought iron driveway gates, iron entry doors, and iron wine cellar doors, you may find that these architectural antiques require minor modification in order to work in their new application. You can find metal fabrication firms that offer custom services to re-fit the chosen piece to suit your specific design needs.

Another design option is to design and build your desired architectural structure (wrought iron wall element, grill for fence insert, chandelier; the list goes on and on) using antique iron elements. With a true sense of style, you end up with the best of the old and the new.

Ornamental iron, architectural artifacts and other antique hardware are perfect for incorporating into new construction, renovation projects, or simply for applying that decorative finishing touch to your outdoor room, outdoor kitchen or courtyard.

So if you are looking for something that is a little different, is one of a kind and won’t be seen in any of your neighbor’s landscapes, consider architectural antique iron. Antique iron garden furniture, garden or back yard architectural elements, wrought iron gates, wrought iron fencing and antique railings can all add distinctive and unique design touches to your home or garden area.