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Curb Appeal and Custom Ornamental Iron

Exterior Worlds Custom Ornamental Iron Design And Installation ServicesGeorgia O’Keeffe defined art as filling space in interesting ways. This philosophy can be applied to landscape design as well and one interesting way to fill an empty landscape is with custom ornamental iron.

Custom ornamental iron applications include wrought iron driveway gates, wrought iron fences, pool fencing, wrought iron garden gates, ornamental iron railings, wrought iron wall trellises, garden arbors and garden arches.

Custom ornamental iron can even mean antique wrought iron. You can have an antique architectural element retro-fitted to your specific design needs or you can commission a custom piece using old iron.

Regardless of the use, custom iron adds distinction to your yard, garden design, deck design or driveway. It is a decorative touch that personalizes your landscape and makes the space uniquely yours.

With custom iron works, you can create your own design or choose from templates. Custom design experts can fabricate a range of styles, from antique looking and elaborate designs to more simplistic patterns. Whatever fits your personal aesthetic.


The possibilities are endless for the look of your finished product. It can be rich in detail when using the ornate styles of Gothic, Renaissance, Louis XV or classic Victorian. Or you can choose from the sleek and inventive looks of Art Nouveau, Art Deco and contemporary designs.

When choosing your style, it is best to incorporate the architectural style of your home. Iron fence manufacturers and suppliers offer a broad range of secure and stylish iron fences, gates and decorative accessories that can be customized to suit your home’s exterior design.

Or perhaps you have a garden that follows a particular theme, say, an English garden design or Mediterranean landscape design. If so, your custom iron choices should blend seamlessly with that style.

You can further customize your look with your choice of metal. The range of choices includes metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel, wrought iron and quality raw materials.

If authenticity is a concern, you can find metal fabrication firms that use traditional European blacksmithing techniques. The main thing is to choose artisans and craftsmen who pay close attention to your specifications and who take personal and professional care to produce quality work true to its artistic antecedents.

Custom ornamental fences and gates bring elegant design to the issue of security. Also durability since modern techniques, such as galvanizing and powder-coating, have enhanced decorative iron’s ability to withstand the outdoor elements.

Specially ordered and hand-crafted wrought iron adds an instant air of distinction and quality to your luxury home. With its authentic detail and construction, it creates value and security. It takes your property to a new level of curb appeal by providing long-lasting beauty.

So, imagine a wrought iron gate, with a decorative antique look, at the end of your driveway. A refurbished antique garden gate that opens onto your rose garden. A grand stairway with decorative wrought iron railing that leads from a second story balcony. A custom wall element hanging above your outdoor fireplace. Fill your landscape with the artistry of custom ornamental iron.

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