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Advantages of a Drought Resistant Landscape

A drought resistant landscape is an ecologically sound investment that can enhance your curb appeal with a statement that you care as much about the environment than you do about the good life.
As more people become environmentally conscious, this will definitely be a factor in home sales in the future. One of the greatest concerns will be the threat of invasive plant species to local ecosystems. Fifty years ago, no one thought about the impact that exotic plants could have on our local environment. Now, people are beginning to realize that not just any plant is good to add to a yard because it can grow out of control and become a weed in someone else’s yard.

One of the best things about a drought resistant landscape is that it can be built entirely from native Texas plants and trees. Our state has such vast and varied geography that it is possible to landscape with plants that grow wild only a few hundred miles away. There are also drought resistant plants from neighboring states that are not technically native, but are still friendly enough to our environment that they pose no threat to native plant life. Most of these species are also slow-growing, so there is little chance they would ever get out of control. Due to the fact that many of them have more sophisticated root systems than typical species, they also dig deeper into the earth and control erosion. Their ability to store water in their roots, stems, and leaves makes them ideal for modern landscaping and contemporary landscaping designs which favor organic minimalism over lush, green overgrowth.


In spite of its adaptability to minimalism, a drought resistant landscape can also be developed along formal or traditional lines if you so desire. The abundance of plant types, and the superabundance of species, makes this possible. There are drought resistant trees, drought resistant shrubs, and drought resistant ground covers that can be used to create multiple levels of greenery, vertical impact, and variegated foliage patterns. There are scores of drought resistant flowering plants—some stemmed, and some blooming on shrubs and ground covers—that can add color to your Houston landscaping design that will withstand the most brutal summers that our part of the world can often bring our way.

Not only can you count on lasting curb appeal and environmental friendliness with a drought resistant landscape, but you can expect to pay far less money on maintaining it once your initial investment has been made. The slow growth that characterizes most of these plants and trees saves you a great deal of money on fertilizing costs. Drought tolerant plants should be fertilized only a little–and some none at all– in order to prevent them from growing faster than nature intended.

Trees and shrubs that grow slowly require less pruning than do other species. Not only will they look more green and vibrant in a long, hot summer, but they will retain their shape much better than trees that are visibly hit hard by dry weather.

While a drought resistant landscape is not technically drought proof per se, it requires far less water than the average yard ever does. A custom irrigation system or custom sprinkler system can be integrated into your Houston landscaping design by our team of professionals. This system will be concealed from open view and deliver only the amount of water each type of plant needs to maintain its form, color, and health.

At the end of the day, a drought resistant landscape saves on the tremendous cost of watering a lawn during a time of heavy drought and prevents the yard from dying off if the city of Houston puts limits on the amount of water you can use on your yard.