Wooden Driveway Gates

There is no doubt that wooden driveway gates make any Houston home look more attractive.
When they are closed, they function as an aesthetic front piece to the home façade. You can still see the house peeking over the top of the gate, but the lower part of it is remains concealed. This creates a feeling of mystery, and mystery is one of the main elements of attraction.

When the gate opens to admit visitors, the sense of grand entrance to the property is nothing short of sublime. The gate will either swing open slowly like two double doors, or it will slide as a single unit to the side. In either case, it takes its time, and causes guests to pause at the entrance to the property.

This causes people to take an extended look at the house, driveway, and front yard landscape. By the time they enter the property, they are already impressed by everything they have witnessed.

Wooden driveway gates are custom built to match the property they introduce. Different shapes of gates are used to accent specific types of architecture. Our method of constructing these gates is to study the home and the front yard to see what keynote features make a home look most outstanding in comparison to those of its neighbors. We then design the gate so that whether or not it is open or closed, it will draw attention to these features.


Wooden driveway gates are built from a wide range of woods.
Some types of wood do better in our humid climate than others. Pressure treated Pine and Clear Red Western Cedar are two very good choices for any Houston landscaping project. Pressure treated pine is compressed and treated in such a way as to make it resistant to rain and relative humidity. Western Cedar from the Northwest comes from a very cold, humid climate. It also does very well in the Gulf Coast region in which we live.

Other wood types such as teak and oak can also be chosen to build your gate. You should talk to your Houston landscaping specialist about the viability of these woods in this region. Special weatherproofing may be required to increase their durability. Also, there may be a need to build the wood around a metal frame to give it additional reinforcement. These decisions should be made on a case-by-case basis depending on what your particular property calls for in terms of enhancement.

The functionality of wooden driveway gates is no less impressive than their grand aesthetic. They are superb deterrents to trespassing. They are normally equipped with motion sensors, remote controls, and in some cases, even tied to home security systems.

When a person is at the gate, the motion sensors notify the homeowner of a visitor. The homeowner can then open the gate with a remote control tied to the intercom once the visitor’s identity has been established.

Should someone try to climb over a wooden driveway gate, an alarm sensor can trigger a general home invasion call to the police. This will have law enforcement on the way before the burglar even reaches the threshold of the house. It can also buy a homeowner precious seconds to plan a safe escape through the back door.