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The Many Uses of Cut Stone in Houston Landscape Design

Cut stone can be used to construct all sorts of feature that accentuate a residential Houston landscape and add respective compliment to a variety of surrounding architectural forms. The most common use of cut stone is the construction of cut stone patio, which involves building a patio out of geometric shapes.

Generally, stones are cut into squares, rectangles, or some other clearly recognizable pattern. In the majority of projects, they are all of uniform size, although there are exceptions to this rule. Irregular stone work is often used to support avant garde themes and contemporary elements of Houston landscape design.

Cut stone hardscapes are most commonly built in areas of interest and activity. They are also built in transit zones to provide people with a decorative—and also highly stable—surface to walk on. Cut stone is a favorite material to use in building swimming pool patios and coping.

It is also a favored material for the construction of front walks and front porches. Any guest walking up ot a house over cut stone gets this sense of Old World stateliness that helps set the house apart from the surrounding Houston landscape. This magnified sense can be further enhanced by building a front porch out of cut stone to give the entire home a face to the world that speaks of human refinement made from an essentially natural material.


Because of this natural quality, stone always enhances the organic richness and natural order of any garden. It can make an excellent border around plants, flowers, and even ground cover. It can also compliment nearby gardens with congruent geometric patterns that draw attention to the greenery and magnify its importance on the Houston landscape. These forms can be very simple elements like pathways, fountains, and small retaining walls built along one side of the garden.

This ability of cut stone to communicate a sense of natural order and control is ideal for lending symmetry, design, and a subtle sense of containment to outdoor rooms and buildings. Cut stone can be used instead of vertical walls to create clear borders between spaces, but never overpower or obstruct the view of the surroundings.

Any architectural themes can be supported with cut stone design. Different styles can be complimented simply by varying the type of stones we use, the geometric shapes of those stones, and the individual sizes of the stones.

Color also is very important to supporting many architectural styles such as traditional, contemporary, and modern. Stone must always be chosen that appropriately reflect that particular style and the ultimate intent of the home itself rising up from the Houston landscape.

In similar manner, any landscaping theme can also be developed creatively and cleanly with cut stone design. Cut stone patios works exceptionally well in natural landscapes and tropical landscapes. This is due to the abundance of stone in nature itself, and the intentional mimicry of nature in natural and tropical landscaping, makes stone the ideal material to use in building borders, patios, and custom architectural elements.