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Clean Landscaping

Clean landscaping is a form of contemporary landscaping.
It gets its name from its characteristic lack of clutter. From one point of view, in fact, clean landscaping could be call epitome of the “less is more” approach to landscape design because of its simple approach to hardscape geometry and very Spartan control of organic material.

Hardscape design elements in such a Houston landscape always follow straight lines punctuated by curved radiuses. This is a very basic approach to geometry that has always proven highly effective in contemporary and modern design. It forces the eye to follow a line of movement to a terminal destination point.

Such a destination point can then be differentiated by either a plant massing on the one hand, or a reduced plant pallet on the other. Sometimes this may also mean creating gardens of a highly organized nature, such as a modern tropical garden or modern garden design where the hardscape has been cut out to make room for a very limited, deliberate planting of plant material that only allows for so much green space due to the limitations of surrounding landscape architecture.

Clean landscaping tends to be more popular with contemporary Houston landscape clients than with those whose properties feature more traditional landscape clients. This is not to say that a traditional style landscape such as the Friedman project cannot benefit from this style.


It is simply to point out that the more Spartan elements of geometry and linear form are carefully and deliberately planned rather than being overdone. For this reason, clean landscaping is always a given with modern landscape design, but at the same time, speaks to our general approach to design regardless of style or exterior architecture.

Certain commercial environments tend to highly favor this particular design style. Office parks often prefer above another other style because its clean forms and basic geometry differentiate the campus of the office park from the surrounding Houston landscape. It can also be developed for much lower front end costs as well.

This simplified and ordered approach to working with form creates an emotional state that works very well for the spaces that lie between office buildings. The feeling of deliberate intention and controlled geometry tends to evoke a feeling of calmness. This is another reason that Houston office parks often prefer to have clean landscapes.

In terms of actual specific elements, the actual lines, forms, structures, and plant pallets found in such a master plan will always be based on the design intent of the professional landscaper. Homeowners who request this design style are aficionados of the ultra-modern and contemporary architecture and outdoor design. They want something to support their home’s unique and highly eclectic geometry first and foremost.

They also want a contemporary landscape design style that speaks of Mentalism without sterility, and peace of mind created by simplifying the view of the surrounding Houston landscape. Such a style will also prove apropos to any future showcasing of sculpture or outdoor modern art, because the ordered nature of clean landscaping supports the geometry and of sculptures and art forms very well.

Houston landscape clients are always looking to reduce overhead expenditures on maintenance without giving up the quality of their property’s appearance. Clean design offers them the opportunity chance to create structure, order, and symmetry with minimal front end cost and even lower ongoing maintenance costs.