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Tanglewood Landscaping Houston

Tanglewood, one of Houston’s most prestigious neighborhoods, is a delightful area of Houston, covered in sweeping oak trees and other wooded areas. More than 1,200 homes in 11 separate subdivisions make up this prosperous part of the city.

With lot sizes running from about 8,000 square feet to two-plus acres, Tanglewood landscaping is ripe for creative and distinguished landscaping opportunities, perfectly suitable for such a prominent neighborhood.

A meticulously-executed, regularly-scheduled landscape maintenance plan is the best way for you to protect the financial outlay that you’ve made in your Tanglewood landscaping.

Beautiful gardens provide a sense of pleasure and well-being, a feeling that you get whether you are entertaining guests in an opulent outdoor room or looking out the window at a whimsical garden arbor.


Gardens can actually be quite practical, too. When the time comes to sell your place, a well-maintained, distinctive landscape makes your home memorable, giving you an edge over other houses in your price range.

A professional Houston landscape service company will ensure that your landscape develops as planned. They should provide the level of precise care that an expensive and multi-faceted landscape needs and deserves.

Examples of the type of professional care typically required by Tanglewood landscaping include:

Strict attention should be paid to the intent of the original design. Many gardens in Tanglewood are done in a particular style, such as an English garden design, Japanese garden, formal landscape design or modern landscape design. You want a provider who understands how to care for these different garden styles over the long term.

For the most vital and vigorous gardens and yards, a professional landscaper can best perform the necessary tasks of clipping, pruning and trimming. A true professional understands plant form and uses best practices for maintaining your plants’ appearances. For this part of the country, it is also recommend that flowers be feed and fertilized every six weeks.

Your vendor should also only use premium mulches bought from the best sources in town. Mulch installation needs to be applied so that there is no unnecessary build-up on plants, even if it requires spreading it by hand. Careful attention should be paid to avoid covering the weep-holes in a house’s foundation since mulch in weep-holes gives termites easy access into your home.

In the 1940s when Tanglewood was first conceived, the developer named it Tanglewood after the collection of Greek myths that Nathaniel Hawthorne re-wrote for children. Some 60 years later, it seems fitting that this title was chosen as the name of a neighborhood in a city famous for people who have the ambition and freedom to write their own myths of themselves.

Along those lines, each Tanglewood property is unique and special. Look for services that can be customized for your specific needs. You may want to combine services, such as using one landscaping firm for your garden services and another crew just for your lawn. This type of dual maintenance contract may be cost-effective for you. And also deliver the high quality service your Tanglewood landscaping deserves.

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