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Bellaire Landscaping

Bellaire is known for its luxury landscape designs. Neat yards, mature trees, custom swimming pools, sumptuous patio designs, and outdoor kitchens are just a few of the features of Bellaire landscaping.

Bellaire landscaping is an integral part of this community’s attraction. With about 6,000 households, Bellaire is acclaimed for its fine homes within a short distance to central Houston. Also noteworthy are its quality schools and active parks and recreational areas.

It was founded in 1908 on land that was part of William Marsh Rice’s, the namesake of nearby Rice University, original ranch. At the time, it stood about six miles from Houston. During the post-World War II building boom, it chose to stand apart from Houston and has remained a separate city within a city ever since.

City of Bellaire rules and regulations govern the infrastructure of residential and commercial landscaping. They include guidelines on the location of structures; also the heights of those structures. They cover excavation methods and equipment usage. Permits for landscaping work are also administered by the city.

This aspect of Bellaire landscaping is critical to prospective homeowners and homeowners planning renovation projects. If you select a contractor or professional landscaper who is not familiar with the rules, regulations and guidelines, you could end up in a costly and time-consuming mess.

A real life example: one homeowner contracted with an inexperienced pool contractor to install a pool in their backyard. The contractor did not know the rules about tree preservation and was haphazardly tearing up tree roots. Even using an axe at one point.


In compliance with city regulations, city inspectors moved in and stopped the work. They required the homeowner to replace a mature tree that was damaged beyond saving. (Depending on the species, a mature tree can cost several thousand dollars). They also fined the homeowner about $2,500 for failure to comply with city ordinances.

And then the homeowner had to go out and find a competent landscape firm to come in, repair the damages and complete the work. Costly and time-consuming, to say the least.

Tree preservation is taken seriously in Bellaire, as this story illustrates. Trees are valuable assets on your property and deserve special attention during building and remodeling projects. Besides, in this ecologically-sensitive time, they’re about as “green” as you can get.

Drainage issues are also of utmost concern. A properly designed drainage system is a smart investment for Bellaire homeowners (and everyone in this part of the country, actually) due to our unpredictable and capricious weather. The region’s gumbo-like soil that gets easily compacted also presents drainage challenges.

Lot coverage percentage relates to drainage issues and is another matter regulated by city ordinances. It means the ratio of the lot that can be covered with impervious materials. Before undertaking any big landscape project, this percentage must be calculated and approved.

As strict as they are, these regulations are for the betterment of everyone. By the way, “bellaire” means good air and that description aptly captures the atmosphere of this special city. Bellaire landscaping, with its sophisticated use of luxury materials and design elements, is a worthy contributor to that ambiance.

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