Stone Planter Walls can Act as Seat Walls

Why build a wall for seating only when you can also plant a variety of vegetation within its structure?
Stone planter walls can act as seat walls around any number of landscape elements. They add vertical impact to the scene, and they act as decorative borders around special points of interest.

Stone is used in all types of Houston landscaping designs, so you have the option for one of these multi-functional structures no matter what style of landscaping you invest in.

To work as a comfortable seat wall, we build planters between 18 inches and 21 inches in height. Some can be built as high as 24 inches at the owner’s request. The wall has a concrete footing to give it stability, and it has a flagstone cap on top to make it a smooth surface for sitting.

The stone used to build the wall itself varies based on what looks best in relationship to your house and yard.


Consider just a few of the places where stone planter walls can be used as seat walls.

One place is around your property line itself. Many homes share front lawns with those of their neighbors. This is sometimes the case with back yards as well, depending on where you are in the city. Building a wall that you can use as a planter is a polite way of showing where your property begins. It also has a decorative effect on both sides of the property line, because your neighbors will no doubt enjoy the plants you grow in your wall. They may even ask you if they can sit on their side of the wall from time to time.

Stone planter walls can act as seat walls around water elements too. If you invest in a small reflecting pool, any wall you surround it with will be reflected in the water. The plants growing in the wall will also lend greenery and color to the glints of light and mirrored stone in the pool. Such a place could easily become your favorite, private retreat when you need to escape from the grind of daily life.

Stone walls are also a standard element in retaining wall construction. Since the purpose of the retaining wall is to hold back the grade of the land, we have to disguise its utilitarian purpose as much as possible with something highly decorative. Planters can be used to grow anything from flowering perennials to evergreens, to indigenous vegetation for a purely authentic wilderness look.

Another excellent way to use stone planter walls as seat walls is to combine them with patio design. If you like to maintain your own vegetable garden, but you do not have the time to work in a large formal garden, then gardening in your planter may be your best option. You can grow both ornamental vegetation and food crops in these planters. The stone retains moisture, so you do not have to water them as often. You can also work much more easily with vegetation that is growing waste high.

Keep in mind that stone planter walls can act as seat walls on a patio as well as around it. This is often done in entry gardens and other custom courtyard designs. It is also not unheard for us to build seating walls near the bottom of waterfalls so people can enjoy the sound of water pouring down from above.