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If erosion is a problem in your garden, or around you hardscapes, consider hiring Exterior Worlds to work as a retaining wall contractor in your yard.
Building these structures in problem areas that will maintain the grade of the yard will perverse topsoil, plant vegetation, and lasting curb appeal. We offer this very specialized form of landscape architecture to our Houston landscaping clients in order to ensure that these walls are built to last for decades in full compliance with all city codes.

Certain permits may need to be obtained during this process. Building codes in Houston stipulate that larger structures require a building permit. There is also the issue of buried utilities that must be addressed. It is mandated by city code that these utilities be found, and that they be preserved, anytime structures are built in the yard near their general vicinity.

In addition to handling all of these preliminaries on behalf of our Houston landscaping clients, our services include an aesthetic dimension that is not easily obtained through other local area retaining wall contractors. It is a fact that all reputable companies in our area who build this type of wall have the ability to build a sound, attractive structure that looks as good as it works.

Our service takes this one step further, however. We build these walls to scale and scope with the entire property. The home itself, surrounding hardscapes, garden designs, trees, and lawns are all considered as important relational elements.


Our team of retaining wall contractors designs every structure with these other elements in mind, so that any time you view the wall from any vantage point in the yard, it will appear aesthetically harmonized with its surroundings.

In most instances, walls are not as high as Houston landscaping clients expect. Gulf Coast soil has a heavy clay content that dries and cracks in the summer, then dips when rain collapses those cracks in the rainy months throughout the winter. These depressions are noticeable, but the terrain here is so flat that a wall of one to three feet is normally all we need to build to maintain land grade and prevent erosion before it occurs.

In some yards that border Buffalo Bayou, or one of its tributaries, retaining wall contractors may need to build walls of up to four feet high in order to maintain land grade in the back yard. These walls can be combined with hill landscaping techniques that create elevated zones of interest in the far reaches of larger back yards. Some clients even go so far as to pay us to build small patios on top of these walls that will allow them to watch the sunset over the tree line.

Retaining wall contractors from Exterior Worlds have access to all types of landscape architecture materials. Brick, natural stone, cut stones, and decorative concrete can be used to accent any type of home architecture. Patterns of construction, size of individual blocks, and colors allow construction teams to build walls that compliment any Houston landscaping style.