Paver Landscaping

Paver landscaping is one of the best ways to create hardscapes that are durable, attractive, and aesthetically applicable to multiple environments.

Some pavers are pre-cast masonry pieces made of blocks or concrete. Stone pavers are pre-cut rocks that have been quarried in such a way as to provide a firm, flat surface upon which to walk. They are also cut to interlock together so they can make a solid surface that will absorb the shock of the shifting Houston landscape without cracking in the process.

With hardscape design constituting up to 80 percent of a landscaping plan, it is paramount that you invest in materials and construction methods that offer you this level of quality assurance.
A surface that is designed to weather the elements of change around it will serve you for years, maintenance free, and bring you a return on your investment by reducing repair and replacement costs.

On an intangible level, paver landscaping also brings you intangible returns in the form of a aesthetics.

Simply speaking, the sheer diversity in color, shape, and size of stone pavers gives them a wide-ranging applicability that can be used to build custom patios, paver driveways, unique garden walkways, and courtyard flooring.

The results of such design can range from simple elegance, the upscale, to the ultra-contemporary, depending on the shapes, colors, and textures of the paver stones used in construction.

For instance, a paver driveway gives a visitor a brilliant introduction to the home that makes a lasting, good impression on the senses.


It can also be counted on to last for decades, because the interlocking pavers absorb shock much better than a flat concrete surface or mortared layer of brick.

Stone paver landscaping is often used to integrate garden design with hardscape.

Pavers can be easily omitted from the layout of a patio or terrace. The resulting open areas can then be used as planting space. This technique is particularly popular in modern garden design and contemporary garden design, although it can also be used to support Mediterranean and Italian themes as well.

If your lawn is home to a more formal array of gardens and flower beds, then paver landscaping can still be used as an accent to add a touch of human artistry to the scene.

Nothing makes a garden more enjoyable than accessibility. Paver pathways leading up to the garden contribute a definitely Old World feeling to the property. Paver patios nestled within gardens provide focal points and seating areas where people can actually experience outdoor living from within the garden itself.

Return on investment in the form of savings comes to every homeowner willing to invest in paver landscaping.

This is because interlocking stones absorb the shock of traffic in the spaces between the rocks themselves. When properly constructed, the entire surface is flexible enough to move with the earth, but never come apart and visibly crack.

Any hardscape built out of pavers carries with it a maintenance free value that can be offered to prospective home buyers should you ever decide to list your home on the market.