Patio Landscaping Blends Architecture and Nature

Perhaps the greatest strength that patio landscaping offer lies in the fact that it can be done anywhere in a yard.
Patios are used to provide hard surface areas for gatherings. They also connect areas of activity to softscape elements to cause those in attendance to feel the warmth and vibrancy of life.

In many cases, a landscape element that would otherwise clash with the foliage of the landscape is harmonized with its energy by skillful patio landscaping designs that link the inorganic to the organic.

While many people think of a patio as merely a flat, hard surface to sit or stand on outdoors, our hardscapes are much more custom in nature.
Each patio is designed with a purpose in mind and is characterized by sensitivity to other landscape elements. It is very important that it aesthetically blends with trees, gardens, and lawn grasses. It is also important that any nearby architecture be complimented by the patterns that characterize its form.

Patio landscaping often begins adjacent to the outer wall of the house.
This helps to immediately establish a link between the house and the landscape that supports it. It can also create a very subtle impression that one is stepping into an outdoor world of luxury living every bit as sophisticated as the one left behind indoors.

Patios are also vital to the success of swimming pool design.
With very few exceptions, pools always look better when surrounded by a custom patio that compliments the home, the pool itself, and the natural beauty of the yard, all in equal measure. The importance of a pool patio, as a matter of fact, increases in direct proportion to the sophistication of your pool’s design.


This is because luxury features such as spas, fountains, waterfalls, water jets, and pool lights that make your pool the star attraction of the neighborhood can also make your yard look too artificial if they are not surrounded by a patio that transitions their aesthetic into the organic elements beyond the water’s edge.

Patio landscaping with cut stone can provide the perfect link between luxury and natural beauty.
Stone and vegetation occur everywhere together in nature, so it is not too far of a stretch to refine the appearance of the stone to support the manmade. The more you polish it, the more opulent its appearance becomes, and the more it will support any high-end pool design you wish.

However, at the same time, stone is stone. It will never be anything other than a fundamentally natural element foundational to the very earth itself. As such, no matter what we do with it, it will always blend with vegetation and serve as a link capable of marrying the organic with the inorganic.

It also goes without saying that landscape architecture depends greatly on the patio work in outdoor rooms.
Anything from a simple outdoor dining room, to an entry garden, to a luxury outdoor kitchen, is going to require highly customized patio landscaping as the literal foundation of its design.

With the right choice of material, and the right use of supporting softscape elements in and around the patio, even the most ornate structure can be made to look at home under your trees.

Patio landscaping is always done on a case-by-case basis and is determined by what best works for you.
The specifics always boil down to what best supports your home, what best compliments your softscape, and what best creates useable, comfortable living space in a way that unifies everything around your home into an amenable outdoor experience that is unique YOU in terms of expression.