Multi-Level Decks add Form and Vertical Impact

A multi-level deck often proves the ideal Houston landscaping element for specific types of property in our city. Narrow yards with a visible need to maximize space typically benefit from a deck design that uses more than one section to extend only a minimal distance into the lawn.

An even greater benefit comes to those homes near Houston’s many bayous where the grade of the land may fall sharply away from the house.

A multi-surface deck built along this grade will create safe, flat surface areas where homeowners can entertain guests with a variety of outdoor events.

The basic design of a multi-level deck is very simple. It is a two or three level structure that connects upper areas of the house to a ground level deck. This style is most common with two or three story houses.

Some single-story houses also have a multi-surface deck that uses multiple levels to divide areas of interest. The ground level will connect to garden space, or function as a children’s area, or even extend around a swimming pool design.

The upper part of the deck will be used for cooking, dining, musical entertainment, or any other personal pursuits appropriate to the amount of available space.

Exterior Worlds specializes in turnkey design and installation of multi-level decks throughout the Houston area. We plan, develop, and contract the actual construction of the structure in a series of systematic steps. The planning stage of our work is of special importance. We save Houston landscaping clients the trouble of having to research building codes and permitting ordinances in their neighborhoods and take care of these preliminaries for them.

We make it a point to creatively build decks around buried utility lines and tree roots. This ensures that no long-term damages will result from the construction of the structure. The actual appearance of the deck will be designed in keeping with our philosophy of treating the home as the preeminent Houston landscaping element.


The deck design we create will extend the look and feel of the home into the general landscape proper in a manner that unifies architecture with the entire Houston landscaping master plan for the yard.

Because multi-level decks provide a great deal of square footage to work with, there is much that homeowners can do to transform them into superb outdoor living environments. The upper portion of the deck can have many features that offer the same comforts as a living or dining room interior.

A covered grilling area can provide a sheltered area for outdoor cooking. A covered dining table can give people a place to sit and enjoy dinner outside regardless of local weather conditions. Surrounding areas can be decorated with any type of weather resistant outdoor furniture. Potted plants, planters, statuary, and urns can line the edges of the railing, and fill the corners of the deck with color and form.

We can also build a special children’s play area on the lower section of a multi-level deck with safety features that prevent children who might get carried away from hurting themselves. Steps are wider than they are tall so that people of any age or physical condition can climb them easily and safely. All decks we build feature the highest quality, pressure-treated wood that will last for years without warping, fading, or splitting.