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Memorial Villages Landscaping

Memorial Villages landscaping is ripe with creative opportunity to make your outdoors great. Do you want to turn your landscape into a haven? Would you like to make it a staycation vacation spot? Are you ready to upgrade your property so you can do more entertaining? Does your current landscape need new life?

By working with an expert landscape architect or landscape designer, you can find tailor-made solutions to your landscaping needs and desires. Here are some ideas that can transform your Memorial Villages landscaping from the mundane to the memorable. For example:

While not as eye-catching as some landscape elements, drainage systems can make the difference between enjoying the full dimension of your Memorial Villages landscaping and feeling like a prisoner in your own home. A well-designed storm drainage system provides the correct grading so that positive drainage carries water away from your structures while being respectful of the properties around you and not draining onto them.


Recently, the Memorial Villages have set the bar in drainage requirements and ordinances, something many local authorities are now emulating. When hiring a drainage contractor, make sure they understand these rules. Otherwise, you could end up paying for an expensive mess.

Custom swimming pools naturally extend your indoor living space into the outdoors. To add on even more pleasure, consider these options: a spa, waterfalls, negative edges, underwater benches, and a sun shelf (a specially-built feature for sunning). Additionally, luxury swimming pools are great for entertaining, whether informal family get-togethers, children playtime or business gatherings.

Outdoor rooms also extend your living area. In addition to attaching them to the main house, another idea is to use other structures on your property, maybe a detached garage or pool cabana. Or perhaps you have under-utilized spaces on the side of your home, an area perfectly marked off by the house’s foundation and a fence. And just waiting to become an outdoor room.

Outdoor rooms can be designed so that you don’t have to count on Houston’s capricious weather in order to enjoy the outdoors. You can install the ever-reliable overhead fans; also build a screened-in porch or invest in a mist system.

Outdoor kitchens are fast becoming de rigueur for high end homes. It’s easy to see why: they provide a gathering place that people naturally gravitate to as happens inside the house. Planning an outdoor kitchen requires expertise, including the need to address issues around integrating it with any other existing structures and providing easy access to the indoor kitchen.

In addition to proper lighting for general and task lighting purposes, summer kitchens benefit from accent lighting as well, such as when mounted in nearby trees or attached to the grill.

Memorial Villages landscaping deserves a singular style. It is such a distinctive area of Houston, special attention must be paid, including the use of sophisticated design techniques and sumptuous materials. In the end, it is worth it. As an investment in your property value. As an investment in your pleasure and your family’s joy.

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