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Landscaping Shade Trees

There are landscaping shade trees for every type of Houston landscaping design.
No one is left without shade thanks to tree services by Exterior Worlds. Trees of many different varieties, ranging from those that grow only a few feet high to taller than the house, can be planted in any yard. Some level of shade is always created by these tree arrangements. Depending on its location, the shade can be purely decorative, highly practical, or both.

Because there are so many landscaping trees to choose from, it is wise to seek the guidance of a Houston landscaping professional. Botanical knowledge is necessary to some degree to choose species that will grow hardily in our soil. Our claylike dirt is a challenge for some tree root systems, so it may be necessary to do extensive soil amendments in certain parts of the yard before the trees are planted.

There are other considerations to take into account when choosing landscaping shade trees. There is a process we follow in our service that ensures that clients get the very best possible trees for their yard.

The first thing we do is to study the architecture of the home. We look at things like style, definitive motifs, overall size in comparison to the lot, and the distance from the road. This helps us determine how tall the trees should be on that particular property. Obviously they should be taller than the home in certain places, but in other places, they should be varied in height in order to act as a sort of frame to the home façade.


If the home is set far enough back from the street, landscaping shade trees may be planted in the front yard provided they support the Houston landscaping style that we are developing. Where exactly they are planted in the front yard depends on the landscaping style.

In some cases it may not be appropriate to place a tree anywhere in front of a house.

Some contemporary homes look better with trees planted on either side of the façade. These trees may even be slender mid-growth tree species that only add a narrow splash of green vertical impact to the scene. The shade these smaller trees create is mostly for decorative effect. Long slender shadows stretch out over the ground, mingling with gravel patios, hardscapes, and motor court design.

Other Houston landscaping designs require a home to look almost sheltered by trees. We hesitate to say what trees go with what landscaping style, however, because even within very definite styles such as formal or Mediterranean, the architecture of the home, and the individual lot, have a major impact on what landscaping shade trees we ultimately select.

Once we narrow down a size and specific type of landscaping shade tree, we always consult with the homeowner and see what specific species out of those groups best appeal to their sensibilities. We want our clients to look at trees and enjoy the shade in a very personal way that speaks to their personal lifestyle. Our professional guidance helps clients choose wisely from among the best possible choices for the particular Houston landscaping plan in which they are investing.