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The professional landscaping services offered by Houston’s Exterior Worlds are a complex and interrelated blend of traditional landscape architecture special design methodologies that specifically address the many subtle nuances and oft unnoticed eccentricities of our deceptively simple Houston terrain. Our ultimate intention in creating these forms is to put cash value back into the yard, improving the opportunities for resale return on investment and creating a sustainable, superior living environment in the meantime of the present moment. The genius of our design services is to engineer and construct top-level functionality in the working mechanisms we devise; then make them disappear quietly behind the backdrop of Houston gardens and superior home architecture.

One of the many ways in which our landscaping services differentiate us from other Houston landscaping companies is our deliberate avoidance of using bold paving in hardscape design. The land throughout Houston appears completely flat to the naked eye, and many people who move to TX from other states elevations consistently remark that it looks outright boring. Hardscape design characterized by bold color or eccentric patterns can quickly backfire because of this perception. By drawing they eyes down to the ground, they force you to look at a land that appears to be as flat as a tabletop. To counteract this effect, we tend to favor neutral colors and basic geometric patterns when we build paved areas like driveways and motor courts. We want you to see them as primarily functional elements with a decorative touch—not decorations in and of themselves that will draw your attention to the wrong places. We would much rather reserve the bolder aspects of landscaped propertied for vertical structures such as walls, organic plantings of flowers, unique tree species, hedges, and an infinite variety of both indigenous and tropical plants.


Another equally important and very unique component of our landscaping services offerings is the systematic planning and layout of custom, concealed drain systems. We seldom install a simple, single drainage network on any property we develop. The deceptively simple “flatness” the Houston landscape and surrounding Texas Coastal Plains requires highly sophisticated drainage system engineering. This is because the terrain is not actually flat, technically speaking. It is full of twists, bends, depressions, and rises in elevation that hide from even the steady gaze of the eye, but become all too obvious—and all too problematic—when rain water begins to flow through into depressions and around obstructions. This can quickly cause the most intricately landscaped front yard or back yard to form streams and pools of water in the worst possible places. Patios will often flood and gardens will be washed away if these sudden mini-catastrophes of the seasonal Houston rains are not anticipated and proactively counteracted by landscaping services professionals

In order to accomplish this, we almost always engineer and install two systems for drainage. One system is attached in some manner or the other to the house itself, and its exclusive function is to pull water as quickly as possible from the roof of the home and away from doors, windows, porches, and patios. This system then drains either into the Houston storm sewer system, or it joins up with another drainage system we build into the landscape itself. There are a number of water delivery mechanisms we can easily build that will move water both away from the home and out of the yard itself. However, concealing these mechanisms is quiet another matter. The ability to hide these things within carefully cultivated gardens and planted and the meticulously constructed structures of outdoor buildings, custom patios, stone work, and custom swimming pools.

At the end of the day, we invest an enormity of time, energy, and money to develop the best system of plans, documents, and schematics that will allow our teams to take the conceptual essence of landscaping services and pour it into concrete, impeccably workable forms anywhere we work in the city of Houston and immediate Texas counties.