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Landscaping an Outdoor Living Area

Landscaping an outdoor living area requires that each landscape element look good in its own right, and that it work in relationship with other elements around it. Each project by Exterior Worlds is approached with individualism in mind, because landscape design must be tailored to suit the specific interests of the individual client for whom we are working.

Therefore, no two projects are ever the same, because both elements and relationships between elements are customized to the architecture of the home, the existing contents of the yard, and the intended use of the landscape in the future.

To accommodate these requirements for landscaping an outdoor living area, we always begin with an in-depth consultation with the homeowner. This consultation helps us learn more about how the client plans to use the property in terms of home entertainment, and it will also help us what unique features, if any, the client expects for private, family use only.

Personal tastes and lifestyles are discussed to an extent that is appropriately necessary for us to create an aesthetic for the landscape that will mirror consciousness of the homeowner. The home itself is also studied to pinpoint unique architectural features that provide us with geometric anchor points in our landscape design plan.

The next phase in landscaping an outdoor living area begins with the drafting of a landscape master plan. Here, specific hardscapes, garden designs, tree plantings, and outdoor buildings are drawn to scale. This document provides a visual frame of reference that we can submit to the homeowner for review and revision.

We learned, long ago, that showing people a design is so much better than talking ideas at them. People like looking at the drawing board, so to speak, and they like giving us feedback and suggestions for changes.


This is why we treat this initial schematic as a work in process. Our purpose is not to force a point when it comes to specific landscape features. Instead, our responsibility is to ensure that whatever structures we add to the landscape are built to scale and feature appropriate geometry, architecture, dimensions, and corollary natural elements.

This basically means that landscaping an outdoor living area with a member of our team provides you with the opportunity for ongoing dialogue with our professionals to whatever extent you would like to participate in the creative process.

Once the final draft of the landscape master plan is approved by the client, actual construction of hardscape and softscape elements begins. This phase of the project may involve subcontracting additional experts in disciplines like swimming pool design, masonry, driveway construction, and landscape lighting.

By acting as a general contractor in these instances, Exterior Worlds ensures that all elements necessary for landscaping an outdoor living area are built to specification so that nothing appears out of proportion in relationship the home or surrounding landscape.

The client need only deal with our team as a point of contact, and he or she can rest assured that all planned elements will be completed on time without error, unexplainable complications, or unforeseen costs.