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Ideas for Rock Wall Landscaping

On an elemental level, rock and stone is the same thing.
In Houston landscaping, though, the term “rock” refers to raw, unfinished stone that comes directly from the quarry. Rocks like this are used to create structures that contribute a sense of authentic nature to a property. Examples include garden designs, natural swimming pool designs, and rock wall landscaping.

Walls that are made from natural stone materials can do many things for a yard besides making it appear more wild and free. Some rocks, in fact, are deliberately chosen because they are smooth. Walls made from round or elliptical shapes create more of a rustic motif than a sense of wilderness. Rocks with jagged edges and sharp angles look more like outcroppings of stone found in the wilderness.

This allows Houston landscaping professionals to create themes that range from the rural to the absolutely remote in backyards found in neighborhoods like River Oaks, West University, Tanglewood, and the Memorial Villages.

Rock wall landscaping can also feature structures of any height that serve the greater Houston landscaping master plan in different ways.
Some, like the walls around courtyards, complete islands of complete privacy where homeowners can invite their friends and family to gather around custom fountains, outdoor fireplaces, or micro gardens.

Other walls made from natural rock can add vertical impact to walkways intended to take people from one point of interest to another. A good example of this would be a front walkway leading up to a home with a deliberately traditional, historical look. Rock wall landscaping here needs to be only 12 to 18 inches high to grab the intention and draw guests to the front door.

Similar walkways can lead from driveways to entry gardens to the side of the house, or to private patios that offer a place for neighbors to chat with homeowners without having to impose themselves on the home interior. Walls can be lit with special lights that add even more drama and interest, along with safe visibility, for visitors that travel them at night.

In backyards, rock wall landscaping is a very important part of garden design. Many large gardens need to be divided into zones that people walk in, and zones that people only observe. Carefully constructed rock walls give people a boundary that also works as a vantage point, a seat wall, or a beautiful decoration.

There are also instances where a yard is so big that it may be divided into separate zones that feature very different elements. In some cases, a homeowner may want a special zone of interest for just the family to enjoy. The rest of the Houston landscaping plan may be more formal, reserved only for guests.


Rock wall landscaping can be used here to section off a part of the yard set aside just for nature, with a natural pond or natural swimming pool as the primary water element, and with indigenous vegetation to create a world away from the world that is reminiscent of the primal Houston landscape long before it was developed into the fourth largest city in the nation.