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How Exterior Worlds will unify Your House and Garden Design

To unify your house and garden design, we have to treat these two different elements as components of a greater aesthetic unity.
The key to doing this is to capture the feeling that your home architecture emanates and then extend that feeling into the gardens that surround it. We take a great deal of time looking at your home, and we ask you questions as well to gain an understanding of how YOU feel when you look at your house, and how you want to feel when you finally see your new Houston landscaping plan take form before your eyes.

It takes decades of professional experience to learn how to do this. Many companies that call themselves landscapers are really yard and garden maintenance companies. Professional Houston landscaping is something completely different. It is all built around the certain knowledge that the house is the most important element on the landscape, almost like a hub around which a wheel of hardscapes, trees, flowering ground covers, evergreen plants, and various types of gardens revolve.

There are two aspects of home architecture that gives us all the information we need to unify your house and garden design. The first of these is purely subjective and deals with the ambiance of the house itself. For lack of a better term, it is the “feeling” of the house we mentioned earlier. Does it feel formal, upbeat, sophisticated, or quaint? Something else perhaps? This is crucial to the softscape elements of Houston landscaping because we have to choose plants that convey these same feelings.


There is also an objective aspect to unifying your gardens with your house.
This has to do with its actual style of architecture. There are definitive forms such as French, Italian, Colonial, Old World, modern, and contemporary that are distinguished by specific linear movements, angles at certain degrees, and level of ornamentation.

These same combinations of linearity, degrees of angles, and decorative intensity must be reflected in the geometry of the gardens that we plant around your house. This does not mean creating mirror images of every shape you see in your roof and exterior walls, either. Complementing forms with similar, yet slightly different forms is a better way to unify your house and garden design.

This is the reason why we plant front yard gardens around your home. Imagine how off balance things would look to visitors if your backyard was beautifully landscape and your front yard had nothing but a few do-it-yourself flower beds around the trees. Even worse, what do visitors and spectators think when they see only the front yard and find nothing in it?

Unity of house and garden design must begin here with well ordered plantings with clearly defined borders and carefully chosen plants that provide a variety of different colored flowers and shades of green. There may also be certain types of houses, such as contemporary, modern, and Mediterranean styles, that look more enhanced by non-flowering plants more than flowering plants.

Creating unity between house and garden design around these homes also calls for introducing ground cover species that function as lawn alternatives in key places between gardens. This adds an even deeper dimension to a Houston landscaping plan as well as providing transitional movement from house to garden to front yard hardscape designs.