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How Exterior Worlds Updates Houston Landscape Elements

Both softscape and hardscape elements of the Houston landscape will need updating from time to time. The cycles of updating, of course, differ significantly. Sometimes there is an obvious need to make changes in a landscape that no longer seems to fit the times. On other occasions, a major change in lifestyle or new direction in life generates an interest in new forms and outdoor environments.

A landscape is normally upgraded when the ownership of a property changes hands. The obvious need to put a personal touch on the new residence motivates a desire for a change in scenes. There are many different elements of the Houston landscape that often need improvement at such a time.

Plantings require more attention than hardscapes because of tree growth. This is because trees are always expanding as they grow, and shade increases around at tree as it expands. Plants that need sunlight often suffer if too much shade begins to overshadow them.


As these various micro-environments begin to shift subtly within the fabric of the Houston landscape, new methods of garden maintenance must be implemented. We must either introduce shade-resistant species so our gardens will then adapt to new lighting conditions, or we may need to replant gardens in new areas with designs customized to specific landscaping zones generate new areas of interest and better reflect and magnify themes latent within residential landscape architecture.

Hardscapes, by contrast, do not require updating nearly as frequently. Many elements such as swimming pools, fountains, and custom patios are by nature constructed to be more enduring in lifespan than the organic elements that surround them. However, these things too will deteriorate over time. We need to inspect these structures and look for signs of deterioration and determine when repair work is appropriate, and to what extent it can be done cost effectively.

In many cases, updating the aesthetic and functional power of a yard can improve home and property value. This is not always the primary intent of the homeowner, however. Many people, as we previously mentioned, are looking for a new personal expression of themselves, and a new environment in which to pursue new lifestyle interests. Return is not the issue so much as personal satisfaction and rewards that cannot be measured in tangibles.

Nevertheless, we strive to maintain a practical stance in all of our Houston landscape renovation projects. It can only help, and never hurt, to improve the value of a property at the end of the day by creating new forms and structures that speak to sustainability, endurance, and future posterity.

We also make it a point to honestly discuss the capital improvements and potential associated costs of our work and the reasonable anticipated return on investment. We want people to not only feel they are getting their money’s worth out of what we build them today, but that lasting value on all levels will continue to show in their investment for years to come.

There are always certain things on every property that we make it a point to update no matter how great or small the project is. Swimming pools and drainage systems are complex structures that need maintenance and periodic remodeling to work correctly. Pools are also focal points of interest and deserve the highest respect and attention in any residential landscape design project.

Good drainage is an indispensible element that we can never afford to neglect. Due to the fact that the Houston landscape is so flat, garden species and outdoor architecture are always at risk of flood damage if strategies for water runoff are not conceptualized and successfully constructed.

This is why we make it a point to mapping underground plumbing and electrical conduits before we implement any of upgrades. Damage to any of these systems creates more headache and expense for homeowners and for us—something we never want to create under any circumstances.