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Houston Tree Lighting

Exterior Worlds provides our clients with professional tree lighting services that add extra dimension and mystique to Houston landscapes. This special subcategory of outdoor lighting, when installed by a trained and licensed expert, enlarges the apparent size of the property and adds an additional layer of outdoor lighting that makes other vegetation and landscape features appear more vibrant, colorful, and multi-dimensional. Tree lighting is cost effective to operate, and it is installed by Houston’s best experts in landscape lighting who partner with us to deliver this very unique value to clients of our company who want to give their front and back yards that extra, magical touch that makes a property appear genuinely superb at any time, day or night.

Illuminating trees is important to landscape design
Although scientifically classified as plants, trees nevertheless are some of the most unique organisms on the planet. They are typically tough and resilient, characterized by mind-boggling life spans, and are found in almost all parts of the world. They also produce oxygen that is vital for all other life forms, so in many ways, they are the lungs of the world. Some are immensely tall, while others have root systems that fan out underground and go deeper into the earth than their branches climb into the sky.


Tree lighting allows people to see these magnificent pillars of nature at any time during the evening, night, or early morning. A property with illuminated trees will also appear to have greater depth and dimension. Not only will viewers be better able to see the trees themselves, but they will also get a better view of the adjacent pool, outdoor kitchen, Italian garden, and custom patio.

The light that shines down from a lighted tree falls upon the ground in a circle that simulates a pool of artificial moonlight. Both the color and intensity of this special illumination directly result from a specific type of technology used in these projects. Other types of lighting fixtures do not produce the same results, and some may harm the trees. It is essential that clients invest in to use the right fixtures for this task in order to get the maximum return on their investment and to protect the health of their trees.

Technology used
Tree lighting is done with a special kind of luminaire known as a mercury vapor lamp. This fixture is very unique in terms of the color of light it emits. Unlike most fixtures, which generate a white light, the mercury vapor lamp emits a blue-green light that is more complimentary to the color of leaves and bark.

While any homeowner can go out and buy a mercury vapor lamp in a hardware store, we strongly recommend against doing this. Retail versions these fixtures are not as viable as commercially obtained, specification-grade equivalents. To obtain equipment of this quality, the homeowner should source their purchase through a lighting design firm that can obtain premium equipment at vendor prices directly from the manufacturer.

Houston’s best lighting specialists are brought in on the job.
Exterior Worlds happens to partner with one of Houston’s oldest, and most reputable, outdoor lighting design firms. One of their primary specialties lies in installing lighting mercury vapor tree lighting fixtures. We always subcontract this particular company to perform the installation of tree lights because getting these fixtures up into the canopy is not as easy as one would assume. There is more involved to placing them than simply running a wire up the trunk and hanging a light on a branch.

Tree protection guaranteed
The first thing that has to be considered is the health and safety of the tree itself. It is never a good practice to use a ladder to install these fixtures because ladders can permanently scar trees. Our partner company actually has actually trained some of its employees to climb trees the old-fashioned way. These workers know how to get up any tree trunk without harming it in order to install the equipment in a concealed location. This allows the light to be enjoyed without a visible fixture creating a distraction. These lighting design specialists also similarly conceal wires and properly grounded circuits in order to avoid creating a shock hazard in the yard.

The resulting illumination that follows is truly one of a kind. It adds decorative value to the landscape, and it better illuminates garden paths, seating areas, custom patios, and arbors that stand underneath the sheltering branches of the trees. People enjoy spending more time outside at night, and guests find the home even more unique and appealing as an entertainment destination when accented by tree lighting by Exterior Worlds.