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Houston Landscape Lighting

Houston landscape lighting is a special service we subcontract in order to support the landscape design plans that we create for our clientele.
There are many different elements to this service which vary from job to job. The work is highly customized and involves a team of expert specialists with whom we have worked in partnership for years. In general, however, there are a few aspects to the service that apply to virtually every project we do.


Illuminating gardens is one of the most important elements of Houston landscape lighting.
Garden lights allow guests to enjoy the garden from both near and afar. When viewing the garden from a distance, multiple layers of light emphasize the different layers of vegetation as integral components of a single unity. When a person enters the garden, significant features are further emphasized by special uplights and path lights that bring out the rich colors of flowers and the varying shades of green that populate the hedgerows.

Pathway lighting is not just for garden lighting, however. It is an integral part of any Houston landscape lighting that many people often neglect until a professional landscape designer points out just how important it is.
Pathway lighting is necessary so people can easily see where to go when they want to move from one point of interest to another. Sometimes homeowners assume that if other types of lighting are immediately adjacent to the path that people have all the light they need for safety. This may be the case, but there is another reason why we should give special emphasis to walkways and pathways. Many of these hardscapes are characterized by fine stonework, brickwork, and superb masonry and serve as landscape features in their own right.

Doesn’t it make just as much sense to light them as it does a patio, outdoor kitchen, or entry garden?

Houston landscape lighting should always include special illumination for the swimming pool.
Lights should be placed in three places. These places are the perimeter of the pool patio, the pool patio itself, and the swimming pool itself. Placing lights around the perimeter helps draw attention to the pool at night. This does not mean we surround the entire pool patio like some sort of runway. Generally only a few ground lights near the entrances and exits, and a few along retaining walls or hedges, are all that we need to do the job.

Patio lighting should be bright and free from glare. Be mindful that wet surfaces reflect water more than dry surfaces, so professionals are brought in to position the lights at the optimal angles for reducing glare.

Finally, the water itself deserves special attention in the form of underwater fixtures that are safe, low-voltage, and brilliant in effect. Houston landscape lighting services now include fiber optic and LED technology can create a world of wonder beneath the surface of the pool and further enhance the dazzle of water jets and bubbling fountains in the pool.

Courtyards and entry gardens need to be lit with a blend of up lighting and downlighting in order to bring out all the nuances of softscape and hardscape design.
Such areas always blend patio work, masonry, retaining walls, trees, and garden design in unique and innovative designs. The intricacies of these many relationships must be maintained regardless of natural lighting conditions. Strategic placement of up lights and down lights in the proper locations will ensure that all major design elements are clearly seen at their appropriate level of importance.

Houston landscape lighting experts even have special tree lights that can be placed in the canopy above a courtyard to create pools of artificial moonlight as well to further add to the mystique of nighttime gatherings and quite conversations.