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Houston Gardens

A Houston garden installed by Exterior Worlds will do several things to protect, if not increase, the value of your property. It will reflect the architecture of the home first and foremost, functioning as an organic reflection of your house. If you have trees in your yard, it will compliment the canopy of branches and leaves with a deliberate, geometric expression of growth and vitality. Your outdoor buildings and hardscapes will look a lot better as well. Various shrubs and flowering plants help link man-made structures to the landscape and create a unified sense of expression where landscape design and architectural variety fuse into a new reality of outdoor living experience.

While these may seem like bold claims to the confident do-it-yourselfer and the perpetually skeptical, please keep in mind that we are talking about more than flower beds and hedges here. A professionally designed Houston garden is more than a decorative feature in the front or back yard. In most instances, it is the foundational element the master landscaping plan itself that requires a number of design factors that only a professional landscaping firm such as Exterior Worlds can provide.


Making a Houston garden truly proportional to a house, all trees in the yard, patios, hardscapes, and outdoor structures is a tall order for a do-it-yourselfer to fill. Most people who attempt their own installation succeed in creating a design that only compliments one or two or these elements. To holistically compliment the entirety of the landscape, however, requires some advanced mathematical calculations and sophisticated computer design software. Without these methods and tools, even landscapers would be unable to fulfill their own directives.

Materials are another thing that you really need a professional service company to obtain for you. Commercial entities such as ours have better access to plants, fertilizers, and irrigation construction materials that retail stores and typical online channels cannot supply to even the eclectic Houston homeowner simply because they can only be purchased through commercial channels. A garden that is planted with better quality plant material, soil mixtures, and fertilizer will immediately show its value on the first morning following installation.

It is also important to remember the absolute necessity of irrigation and drainage to any Houston garden. Our climate is one of extremes where it is too hot and humid, too rainy, or too sporadically cold and muggy, depending on the time of the year. Unpredictability seems to be Nature’s sense of humor in this part of the world, so any type of landscape development must take into account the need to deliver water to plants in times of drought and the equivalent need to immediately move excess water out of the property in times of heavy rains, seasonal storms, and occasionally floods.

A landscape maintenance contract is strongly recommended for every client of Exterior Worlds who wants to keep his or her Houston garden in premium condition. Insect and fungus control are two very important tasks that must be done on a regular basis to protect plants against predation and parasitic attack. Also, land must be aerated properly on occasions, and different plant species require different types and measures of fertilizer that are best mixed and delivered by professionals.

As far as the style of your Houston garden goes, there are many traditional patterns which you can choose to have us either install or customize to the parameters of your home and yard. These include French, Italian, Mediterranean, Japanese Water, Contemporary, Modern, and Zen designs—all of which create unique aesthetic expressions in their own respect and provide specific complimentary presence to the many other landscaping elements our team can develop in your front and back yards.