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Houston Concrete Patios

Throughout Houston, concrete patios have added to the curb appeal of homes in neighborhoods ranging from West Memorial to the heart of River Oaks.
Concrete is one of the best materials to use in patio design. It is far more cost effective than stone. It can also be used to create a surface of any size or shape. Furthermore, the decorative patterns and colors that can now be added to concrete make it one of the most attractive materials to use in hardscape design.

The versatility of concrete is one of its most important characteristics. Because it is begins as a liquid that later hardens into a solid surface, it can be molded into any geometric shape desired. This makes it a highly desirable material to use around custom homes whose eclectic architecture defies traditional categorization. We see more and more of custom homes being built on properties throughout Houston. Concrete patios are often the best way to add curb appeal to these estates because they can be customized precisely to compliment the architectural motifs, unique proportions, and colors of the home.

The decorative possibilities of concrete are made possible by the same attribute that make it so easy to adapt to any style of Houston landscaping. While concrete is yet in its liquid state, colors can be added to alter its plain white appearance. Concrete can also be stained, stamped, and etched with patterns before it completely hardens. This allows us to make it look like stone, brick, or even wood.

You will see Houston concrete patios in many of our case studies resemble nothing like what you typically conceive of concrete appearing as. These patios are found in all manner of places within front and back yards as well. Some are built right next to the house as an add-on seating area for two. Others provide the foundational flooring for outdoor rooms, entry gardens, and custom gazebos. Still others surround luxury swimming pools whose waterfalls, water jets, and underwater lighting effects make summer parties exotic, entertaining, and lively.


While it is true that the beauty and adaptability of these hardscapes account for a large part of their popularity in Houston, concrete patios are also highly sought after because of their affordability. This is not to say that hardscapes made of concrete are inherently “cheap,” but they are reasonably priced enough to allow for a more diversified investment of one’s budget for landscape design.

When you invest in a Houston concrete patio, you pay for the concrete and the labor to decorate it. This is far less expensive than investing in expensive stone materials. This allows you to invest the funds that may have only paid for one stone swimming pool patio into an equally attractive concrete hardscape design consisting of multiple patios located throughout the yard.

In some respects this is also aesthetically preferable, because the pool patio can poured at the same time as sidewalks, courtyard patios, and garden patios that all feature the same color patterns, decorative motifs, and geometry.