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Concrete Patio Design

Concrete patio design transforms one simple material into a myriad of forms and colors. Every style of home architecture, and every type of Houston landscaping plan, can be augmented with a patio built of concrete. Concrete is a durable substance that has lasted, in some cases, for thousands of years. Its decorative potential makes it a shape shifter of substances that can assume the form of everything from finely finished wood to the highest quality of cut stone.

Decorative concrete can play an important role in bringing you maximum return on your home investment. In an unstable housing market, one way to improve your curb appeal is to invest in adding on to your home. Texas law prohibits taxing any room you build on to your house. A covered patio with a decorative concrete floor will cost you nothing more than material and labor cost, and could bring you a fetching home resale price if you ever decide to sell.

The way we would ensure this maximum yield is to make your concrete patio design appear like a literal extension of your interior flooring into outdoor space. The decorative potential of concrete work allows us to create many different styles of outdoor flooring that appear identical to anything you would find in a custom home.


There are ways to create a decorative, engraved pattern with concrete that looks like a hand-crafted floor designed with painstaking care by a master artist. There is also a very popular stenciled rug style, where decorative concrete is brushed and polished to look like fine carpet. For a more relaxed look more commonly associated with outdoor space, a faux tile look may work best with the décor you are planning for your new outdoor room.

These concrete patio designs can be used with equal effectiveness in any outdoor room or outdoor building. Outdoor kitchens, for instance, require a look as sophisticated as their function in order to succeed in their purpose as center points of entertainment. Dining areas, kitchen flooring, and any living room area within the kitchen all need a special decorative touch that makes a visitor feel as though he or she is sitting in a small house that is partly open to the outside world.

Concrete patio design is also used in the construction of swimming pools and gardens. Garden patios have to be highly weather resistant because they are continuously exposed to hot sun, rain, and cold in the winter.

Concrete is certainly durable enough to take this. However, it is the ability to customize concrete that makes it so valuable in garden patio design. The different patterns, colors, and textures we can add to concrete allow us to create a patio that directly compliments the foliage of the surrounding garden.

Concrete patio design is also a good option for large swimming pool areas. Concrete is a cost effective way of getting the look of cut bluestone or flagstone without having to pay for the cost of luxury stone building materials. If you are looking to build a very large pool and patio, then concrete pavers that look like fine stone will give you the same aesthetic without consuming the bulk of your Houston landscaping budget.