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Hill Landscaping

Not every part of the Houston landscape is a flat tabletop of earth.
Along Houston’s vast network of bayous, there are many hills that rise and fall along the tree line. Homes that border the tree line will need a residential landscape plan that incorporates professional hill landscaping techniques. These techniques will ensure maximum soil retention in the face of heavy rainfall and occasional flash flooding.

But before we can even begin to plan an effective plan of action for you, we need to thoroughly look over your property. The existing grade of the land must be carefully studied to determine how quickly water is currently draining of the hill. We also need to examine how much sunlight the hill is receiving in preparation for planting additional ground cover for soil retention.

Vegetation has always been nature’s most effective method of soil retention.
It is also one of the most effective tools of erosion control that professional hill landscaping borrows from nature.


Along the bayous in our city, the Houston landscape is constantly changing with each heavy rainfall. Rain hits the hill with the full force of gravity pulling it downward. It also hits the hill on the side with the full force of the wind. The shape of a hill can be radically altered by even a few hours of rain if appropriate stopgaps are not planned in advance.

In hill landscaping, shrubs and ground cover plants are added so their heavy root systems can spread and fan out underground. These roots intertwine like cords that bind the earth together as they criss-cross under the surface of the ground. As rain soaks through the topsoil, the earth may become muddy and soggy, but the mud will cling to the general shape of the plant roots.

However, if large trees block out the sunlight and prevent extensive groundcover from growing, retaining walls and concealed drains can be used to prevent erosion.
A retaining wall is perfect for any hill landscaping project because it can actually be used to shape the hill into a new, even more attractive form. Stone retaining walls will give this new landform a natural appearance that blends well with the surrounding trees and indigenous vegetation in the background.

At the top of the retaining wall, soil retention can still be accomplished by planting a shade garden in the top of the retaining wall. Concealed drains can be installed that will run rainwater out of the back of the landform down into the bayou basin.

Steps and custom patios can then be added to bring hill landscaping to an apex of design.
No matter how steep the side of the hill is, stairs can always be constructed at a size and angle that offsets even the steepest of grades. In fact, we actually customize stairs to the age and comfort level of individual clients so they can safely and comfortably climb to the top of the hill for view of the sunset through the trees.