Hardscape Plans

The term hardscape refers to any permanent structure that is constructed on your property. Hardscape plans involve the design and build out outdoor features that serve both functional and decorative purposes. Textures, and sometimes even colors, are commonly woven into the surfaces of these forms in order to compliment architecture and natural flora. Virtually any material, including stones, metals, bricks, and even concrete can be used to build these outdoor elements.

If you take the cheap route, however, and have these structures built by the unskilled or inexperienced, the cost of having them redone can be enormous. It is much better in terms of long-term savings and home resale value to have them designed and built correctly, the first time, by a professional landscaping firm like exterior worlds. Taking the initiative to do it right the first time is something you will never regret, as it will most surely increase your home value with quality structures that require only minimum amount of maintenance.

Hardscape plans can easily constitute up to 70 percent of a master landscaping plan. Because of the complexity and wide range of structural types that the average hardscape plan specs out, it is essential that you plan assiduously and hire an established landscape design firm such as Exterior Worlds. Our professionals are expert when it comes to home architecture, irrigation and drainage systems, garden design, swimming pool remodels, and outdoor building construction. Thorough knowledge of each of these sciences is necessary for the creation of truly superb Houston outdoor living.


Just a few of the many structures you will find in Exterior Worlds hardscape plans include, but are not limited to, the following items:

  • Fencing
  • Decks
  • Outdoor buildings
  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Retaining walls
  • Built-in grill
  • Patios
  • Walls
  • Sports Courts
  • Driveways

Professionally designed hardscape plans actually establish the overall theme of the landscape and should be developed in detail before adding vegetation. It is important to work with an expert firm like Exterior Worlds that makes it a matter of policy to draw everything to scale and determine with mathematical precision just how much of the landscape will be inorganic, and how much of it will be dedicated to gardens, flower beds, hedge rows, and tree planting.

Ideally, hardscape plans should concentrate on building functional elements that also have a high-level of aesthetics. Doing so is not as easy as one might think. It requires a vast expertise of materials to achieve the delicate balance between building something durable that works and something that simply looks good. However, with superior knowledge of materials and how to use them in creative design, even the most common elements like porches and driveways can be rendered visually appealing with techniques such as concrete brushing. Common bricks can be transformed into keynote décor with complex designs such as the running bond.

Other landscaping elements that play key functional roles in landscape design for entertainment are custom patios and walkways. These forms are crucial to the success of outdoor events. Patios provide guests with comfortable places to stand and sit, and walkways make it possible to safely travel between outdoor buildings, swimming pools, garden areas, entry gardens, and courtyards.

Again, hiring professional landscapers with formal training in landscape architecture and design helps ensure that even the most taken-for-granted of elements can be constructed in your yard in such a way as to rivet then attention of your guests the moment they step onto your property.

Also, making the initial investment of cost to make sure you get the very best hardscape plans, materials, and forms from experts who know what they are doing only ensures that your property value will increase and continue to represent an asset to both your lifestyle and initial home investment. When you hire Exterior Worlds to do the job, you can count on professionals who will take the time to listen to what you need and give you what you want u sing only the very best materials, design strategies, and construction methodologies.