Design a Deck

Design a Deck that Fits Your Landscape Master Plan

You can hire Exterior Worlds to help you design a deck that will contribute significant curb appeal to your property, home, and Houston landscaping plan. The decks that we build feature a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. They are customized to personal interests in a manner that supports Houston outdoor living throughout all four seasons of the year.

There are a number of very practical factors that go into custom deck design. There is much more to this process than simply deciding how many levels the structure will have and what you will place on the deck after it is complete. Our method involves a much greater level of detail where the structure becomes an extension of home architecture that allows you to extend interior lifestyle activities into the open world beyond the walls of your house.

Perhaps the most important of these factors is the location of the deck itself. Where we actually design a deck determines a great many other variables as well. The balance of sunlight and shade, and the vantage that people on the deck will have of the surrounding yard, depend on choosing the very best place to build it.

To gain the optimal position for Houston outdoor living, it may be necessary to build your deck in a place other than the entrance to the living room or the kitchen. While most people typically visualize these locations as the best place to design a deck, they often see the benefits of another location once we point out its advantages.

When we allow function to determine where the deck will be built, we open up an entirely new realm of possibilities for Houston landscaping and custom deck design. We can integrate multi-level decks into other elements such as gardens, tree walls for privacy, and swimming pool areas where the deck can either replace the traditional swimming pool patio, or contribute an adjunct form to its aesthetic.

There are also many ways that we can design a deck that will create a truly personalized Houston outdoor living space for the people you invite to your home. Particularly when building a split level deck, we can create shaded areas for afternoon naps, sunny areas for sunbathing, seating areas with a prime view of the surrounding yard, and cooking areas for outdoor dinners.

Children can also have a special place set aside for their toys where lower elevation, safety railings, and unique structures minimize the risk of injury even when summer time excitement runs high.

Once we strategize exactly how we plan to design a deck for you, we then draft a detailed schematic and finalize our proposal with a recommended list of construction materials. Most decks are built out of wood, and different types of wood require different levels of treatment to endure year after year of being exposed to the elements.

Cost of materials will be candidly discussed up front so that all parties are in agreement as to what type of wood, what level of treatment, and what degree of investment works best for what you plan to gain in experience from your new deck.