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Modern Garden Design Means Minimal Garden Maintenance

You may have wanted to invest in garden design for many years now, but you have procrastinated doing so because of the high level of maintenance most assume goes with a garden. While it is true that many of the more ornate garden designs require a great deal of constant care, this is not the case with modern garden design.

Modern gardens are by their very nature low maintenance for two primary reasons:

1. They feature a minimal amount of vegetation.
2. They feature a majority of durable inorganic elements like stone and glass that do not require upkeep.

To many it seems odd that a style of gardens should emerge in the world that seeks to minimize the amount of vegetation it harbors. On the surface this appears at cross purposes to the nature of a garden, but upon closer examination of what a garden really is, it becomes apparent that the nature of modern garden design is perfectly in keeping with what a garden has always been intended to be.

Gardens have always been places where vegetation is selectively cultivated. No garden exists without boundaries and some form of constraint. Otherwise, all you would have at the end of the day is a wild patch of shrubs and flowers that looks more like a wilderness meadow than something carefully created to evoke a specific emotional response in the viewer.

Modern garden design is therefore no different in purpose than other garden styles; it simply takes the purpose of the garden beyond the realm of the emotional and more into the realm of the purely mental. A minimum amount of vegetation suggests a very low level of energy and often can calm down frazzled nerves much like traditional Zen gardens do in the East.

One side benefit you receive to such a calming, objective aesthetic is the utter lack of any effort on your part to maintain the scene as is. This is because vegetation must be limited in its rate of growth as well as its physical amount in order to make modern garden design work.

Consequently, the tiny trees, dark shrubs, and special grasses we plant in your garden are designed to grow slowly on their own with very little need for human intervening care. What little maintenance they do require can be handled by our team on a scheduled, intermittent basis when fertilization time rolls around, or after many months when some trimming is required to maintain the shape of the plant.

As far as the remaining elements of modern garden design go, many of them require absolutely no maintenance whatsoever. Gravel and rocks last for thousands of years. Abstract decorations of stainless steel, wire, glass, and mirrors will also last for decades unless accidentally damaged.

If you have a garden waterfall, or a custom fountain, you can also count on the remote motor working for several years without any need for repair if you have our team design and build it for you correctly the first time.

With such opportunities to relax outside without the constant worry and expense of ongoing upkeep, why not consider the benefits that modern garden design can offer to your peace of mind after a long day at the office and a hard drive home on the freeway.