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High End Modern Landscaping

High end modern landscaping adds tremendous value to both residential and commercial locales.
What differentiates these landscapes from standard modern and contemporary designs is their very intentional use of geometric shapes, exceptionally high-grade materials, and thoughtful selectivity when it comes to choosing plant species for gardens and ground cover.

Where we see the modern landscape designer seeking to support architecture from a complimentary point of view, the high-end landscape architect strives to create an outdoor world that works as a veritable three-dimensional mirror to the geometry and size of the home, building, or office it surrounds.

In the commercial realm, the clients we work for who require a specific type of exterior presence to create a strong impression of their offerings and value production. Art galleries need landscapes that look like art. Museums must look very chic in order to emphasize their ability to properly preserve and showcase the rare finds of history contained within their walls. Colleges need to convey a sense of progress and forward motion, and modern buildings need to set themselves apart as leaders in their industry who always stay at least one step ahead of their competition.


While we have worked on many such commercial projects, the majority of high-end modern landscaping we have done as been in the residential arena. Exterior World creates high-end modern landscapes throughout Houston neighborhoods such as Tanglewood, Rice Village, West University, The Woodlands, Bellaire, Royal Oaks, Hedwig Village,Memorial, and River Oaks. Any home built in a contemporary or modern style can be transformed into the virtual equivalent of a new home with the right high-end modern landscape design. Clients who want to add property value to their home investment should consider this as one excellent means to this end.

High-grade materials and sophisticated structures are the key to success in high-end modern landscaping. Water features play a major, if not predominant role, in many of these projects. Reflecting pools and infinity pools can be built as focal points on either commercial or residential landscapes. These unique, magnificently geometric water features add dimension and movement to any environment.

Stainless steel structures are often installed near the water to magnify its reflectivity and create new shapes that move along its surface. Glass is used heavily in contemporary high-end landscapes as both a way of creating “windows” into special points of interest or as optical prisms that bend the light and scatter its colors onto steel, glass, water, and tile. Special concrete forms and gravel patterns create layers of hardscape that blend of natural stonework and planned, deliberate concrete forms.

Indeed, our use of special forms of paving is essential to developing the overall aesthetic of a high end modern landscape. Pavement establishes large spaces that alternating patterns of stasis and transition. Patios and walkways can be even constructed at slightly staggered elevations to create a sense of journey. Steps here will be built at the exact height as the human footstep is long. This makes it feel as though a person walking here is not even climbing stairs. Small architectural walls can then be built along these walkways to connote special importance and a sense of controlled, focus movement. Arches can also be constructed where patios intersect with walkways in order to establish entrance and importance to a special area of interest and activity.

Vegetation is always maintained at a minimum in high end modern landscaping. The old literary adage “less as more” is also the modern of the high-end contemporary landscape design professional. While it is true that we never want to make the landscape appear sterile, we want to generate a feeling that Nature as a presence works to support man’s evolution—not compete with its progress as a separate realm. Vegetation should be chosen that is very tall, and that can grow in tight spaces that are typically preferred over lush foliage. Bamboo is ideal for this, as well as several species of small, exotic trees. Ground cover should be dark in order to compliment stones and concrete and special grasses should be used that grow slowly in shaded areas and graveled areas as opposed to more abundant, hardy species that spread quickly into all areas of the yard.