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Waterfall Design can Make Your Pool the Focal of Home Events

If you are looking to make your home the centerpoint of entertainment and outdoor events, consider how waterfall design by Exterior Worlds can make your swimming pool so appealing that your family and friends would rather spend their evenings with you than in public venues out on the town.

Waterfalls have a deep, romantic allure that speaks of adventure in faraway places. They are also some of the most beautiful landscape elements you can add to your swimming pool so that events in your backyard become the essence of special memories for all that attend.

If you have a natural pool, waterfall design is an integral part of the diving area. We always tell our clients that the last thing they want in their swimming pool is the stereotypical diving board. Not only does it look cliché, it is far less safe than it appears.

A person’s foot can easily be caught and twisted by the side of the board if they lose their balance. A diving rock is always safer because it can be roughened to the point that it grips the feet like sandpaper and prevents slipping. It also resides closer to the surface of the water.


Someone entering the pool from a diving rock will have less momentum when they hit the water and will be far less likely to hit the bottom of the pool hard.

The beauty and practicality of such diving rocks is they blend perfectly into waterfall design. In nature we see rocks of all shapes and sizes in waterfalls. We also see ledges jutting out from mountainsides and extending themselves beyond the stream of the cascades. This effect can be easily emulated in a natural pond swimming pool design. A large, flat diving rock, accessible by a stepping stone walkway, can be nestled between larger rocks on either side. The waterfall can then pour down these carefully laid rocks to create falls that envelop the diving rock on either side.

On summer nights, when your guests come over for dinner parties, those that love vacationing in the mountain states will be captivated by the beauty of the falls under special landscape and underwater lighting.

In fact, the waterfall design of your natural swimming pool may end up becoming the hub of the entire event as people sit around the edges of the pond to watch the bold, the daring, the young, and the young at heart dive for hours at a time into the water.

If you have a contemporary landscape design, you can greatly enhance your modern swimming pool with a waterfall that pours over the top of a sheer vertical wall. Walls are often used in modern landscaping to add vertical impact to the scene.

Building such a wall at the end of the pool lends a sense of the sublime to its appearance. If the top of the wall is beveled at an angle, the water will pour into a beautiful arc into the pool.

Another variation on this same waterfall design is to build a wall consisting of small, descending steps. The water then flows down the steps into the pool basin, or it hits a beveled edge above the water where it gains a final, forceful momentum and pours itself into the water below.

Multi-level pool-spa combinations often incorporate a smaller scale of this very same waterfall design. The spa sits at the very top of the pool basin, usually surrounded by a terrace that leads to the back of the home. Directly below the spa is a smaller, shallow wading area that is invigorated by a fountain. Water flows from here into the deeper end of the pool where people can swim.

Pools like this are considered they epitome of luxury and can provide entertainment for hundreds of guests, provided your back yard is large enough to accommodate such a crowd. The variety of tiles, stone works, copings, and waterfall designs that can be built into these mega pools can make them so magnificent that they become second only to your home in aesthetic prominence.

Many more swimming pool designs like this can be developed by Exterior Worlds to compliment your particular home and unique personal lifestyle.