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Planting Annuals for Maximum Impact

Planting annuals in your Houston landscape is the visual “fresh air” that an outdoor design needs. The human eye is naturally drawn to what is new, which annuals provide.
They bring color, texture and liveliness to your gardens. Purple pansies, red geraniums, orange daisies and pink begonias delight and captivate us. As each new season rolls around, this seasonal color will renew an appreciation of the exterior landscapes, on your part and the passers-by.

When planting annuals, Exterior Worlds uses the basic design philosophies of unity, repetition and balance. There are many ways we accomplish these goals. For instance, by limiting the color choices to those that work well together and by repeating a single specimen through the gardens. Conversely, we may repeat a color across several different plant types. Always we consider the whole so that the overall scheme stays in balance. These principles are foundational to planting gardens of all types, shapes and sizes.

Garden pots, urns and containers are perfect receptacles for your seasonal color. Potted annuals are ready-made for a courtyard garden design, for example. The combination of pots and color can be used to define your garden space or frame a view. They add architectural interest. We have also used them to create the illusion of a room—or zone—by planting annuals in large-sized containers and strategically positioning them. And, when you tire of that configuration, we can always rearrange the pots into another design.


When to plant annuals is an oft-asked question. The first consideration needs to be which annuals are hardy enough for the current season, specifically for the Houston area. To our mild winters, hot and humid summers and tendencies toward monsoon-like rains—attention must be paid. The same is true as to when to switch out to next season. In general, if you wait until the current plantings can’t survive, you’ve most likely waited too late for the next seasonal color.

One way to supplement the color that annuals bring to your yard is with blooming trees, bushes, vines, grasses and other plant material. Colorful, variegated foliage and berry-bearing bushes bring variety without extra expense. Also, native grasses provide subtlety and movement. Planting roses is a particularly valued way to put exquisite color into your gardens. We like to mix up the blooming phases of your choices so that you get different spots of color throughout the year.

A note to the wise: installing a drip irrigation system is a perfect method for delivering water to your annuals, especially if they’re in small or difficult spaces. Examples for their uses include rose gardens, beds between sidewalks or along a driveway, strip beds that are close to your house, and containers such as decorative pots and urns. Drip systems allow you to water roots instead of flower material, something your annuals will particularly appreciate.

Beautify your Houston home and garden by planting annuals. In yards of all sizes, in garden beds, in pots, in wall planters, on patios, near the pool and spa, and at entryways, seasonal color can be used to breathe fresh life into your landscape design.