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Personalized Houston Landscaping Plans

It is very important to spend your money wisely when you invest in Houston landscape services. Many companies in our city do impressive work in this arena. They are quite capable of making any front yard or back yard look absolutely superb with what they add to it.

The question that you must ask yourself is:
“Will these new elements express who I am, or will they simple look good in my yard?”

Exterior Worlds offers you the superior option of a personalized Houston landscaping plan to the very core essence of your lifestyle.

In our world, client desire is the raw material that inspires and ignites the momentum of the plan. Our professional expertise guides this momentum and develops its energy until it materializes into tangibles landscape forms.

Everything we need to create a personalized Houston landscaping plan for you is gathered in our initial consultation.
During the course of this meeting, we listen to you tell us what you want your yard to look like. The simplicity of such an approach is amazing in its results. We found long ago that our clients are intelligent people who often already know a great deal about landscaping elements. Itemizing these desires as a wish list gives us raw material with which to work as partners to our clients themselves.

The second thing we do is to study the house and the surrounding property.
Your personalized Houston landscaping plan will be centered on the architecture of your house. No doubt you invested in your home because it represents, in a very real way, who you are as a person. We will take this representation and extend its aesthetic into your yard, working with what is, rather than trying to force what is not. In a very real way, this aesthetically anchors your entire property to the core essence of your lifestyle.


Once we clearly understand your desires, and the nature of what we have to work with, we use advanced software to locate each landscaping element in its proper place.
The dimensions of every element are carefully calculated so that nothing overpowers the entirety of the scene. Distances between elements are based upon available lot size, the size of the house, and the number of elements that a particular style of landscaping calls for.

he comprehensive unity of such a personalized Houston landscaping plan will emerge as a result of all of these factors working together to create an outdoor living experience where events revolve around those individual pursuits that you as a person seek to share most with close family and friends.

The last phase in the creation of a personalized Houston landscaping plan is the construction of the elements themselves.
Many of the organic elements like gardens, hedges, and small trees are planted in accordance with the plan by specialists on staff with our company. Other elements, such as driveways, custom walkways, custom swimming pools, landscape lighting, and outdoor kitchens will be handled by trusted experts that we subcontract to build and develop features that fall within the boundaries of their expertise.