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Permeable Concrete Pavers

Permeable concrete pavers are used to build strong, paved hardscapes that allow water to filter through the pavement itself into the ground below. Hardscapes built from these materials can support up to 8,000 pounds per square inch.

At the same time, however, these surfaces prevent water from flooding surrounding areas. It also prevents pollutants in the water from running into storm sewers that drain into rivers and streams.

The ground itself works as a remarkable drain and filter in this respect. Water that goes directly into the earth is filtered to some degree by natural processes. Other systems can also be built into the infrastructure that will then send this water to treatment plants that remove toxic agents.

With the right team of Houston landscaping experts, these pavers can be rendered into any form, size, or color to add decorative appeal to their practical function. Hardscapes built in this fashion will work to aesthetically support any style of home and tie divergent zones of interest together into an outdoor living experience expressive of homeowner values, taste, and lifestyle.


There are two ways to build surfaces out of Permeable concrete pavers. The first is the approach that most Houston landscaping companies take. It involves laying down standard pavers in an interlocking pattern that allows water to seep between the spaces between the individual pavers.

This means that the pavers themselves are not technically permeable. However, arrangement of the pavers, however, creates a permeable surface that allows water to penetrate directly into the ground.

Exterior Worlds can, and sometimes does, create hardscapes with this technique. However, our preferred method is to make Permeable concrete pavers that are within themselves more porous than typical concrete. This results in a much more stable structure because individual pavers can be interlocked in a much tighter design that will support more weight and require less long term maintenance.

Visualize a tile floor where the individual tiles can be clearly seen, but the surface that they create is one contiguous whole. That’s what we are talking about here. When concrete is mixed with other components that render highly decorative effects, it can look like anything ranging from terrazzo to finely polished marble or granite.

The most common application of Permeable concrete pavers in Houston landscaping projects is the construction of uncovered surfaces that are built to support massive amounts of weight. At the top of this list we would naturally place motor court parking areas and driveways.

Both must support multiple vehicles and offer a stable surface for which pedestrians can walk. Standing water is a safety hazard in such areas, so getting the water to drain immediately through the pavement is a top priority to our engineering designs.

Swimming pool patios and garden patios that are open to the sky also rank high on our priority list. When these surfaces are built from decorative permeable concrete pavers, they retain safe traction even after a heavy rain. They also filter the water so effectively that surrounding plant life and trees is protected from flooding that can literally drown roots if it remains standing around the plant for too long.

Keep in mind that an investment in something so environmentally sound that also improves the attraction factor of a residence represents one of the best home improvement investments that the discriminating homeowner can make in genuine, lasting curb appeal.