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Landscaping Berms

A landscape berm is a mound of soil that is used for planting vegetation. These unique landscape elements can play a very important role in adding interest and elevation to any Houston landscaping plan. Berms that rise only a foot or two above the yard can make the otherwise flat terrain of the Gulf Coast appear uplifted and vibrant. Berms that feature unusual shapes can add even more definition to a yard. They can used to create unique zones of interest, and very large berms can function as privacy walls that shield the yard from prying eyes.

Residents who want to get the most out of these very versatile earthworks need to contract Houston landscaping designers who are experienced in their construction. While it may look simple to construct a mound that is used to grow plants, getting the right kind of soil, and getting it to maintain its shape, takes knowledge and experience. Landscape berms will be exposed to wind and rain on a continual basis, so it is essential to construct them in a manner that will retain the intended design after long exposure to the elements. If there is a deterioration of form due to erosion, it is also wise to work with Houston landscaping professionals at Exterior Worlds who can offer maintenance services when necessary.


As with all other elements in a Houston landscaping plan, a landscape berm is developed as part of a comprehensive outdoor living environment. It is built in scale and scope to other features in the yard. The most important of these elements is the home itself. We want the berm to feature vegetation that will draw attention to the home from whatever vantage point it is seen from. The height of the mound, as well the plant life that it supports, must accent the home dramatically without overpowering its presentation.

Landscape berms built as privacy walls must also pay their respects to home architecture, even if they are far removed from the house itself. We want to create the feeling of special, enclosed space bordered on the one hand by powerful, custom earthworks, and on the other, a magnificent home that works as the centerpiece of the Houston landscaping plan. Shrubs, tree walls, and flowering plants here will form an impenetrable organic barrier that in spite of its block to visibility, maintains a beautiful form to neighboring residents who see its growth from the outside looking in.

Moving into the interior of the yard, we can also integrate landscape berms into garden designs. Smaller berms can be used as borders around garden. Ornamental grasses, low-level ground covers, and flowering perennials can be planted on them to create a defined organic perimeter around the cultivated softscapes within. Berms can also be built as focal within the interior of the garden. Anything from a single mound with an ornamental tree to a linear run of evergreen shrubs can be used to create an attractive vertical impact that draws visitors into the garden do experience its diversity from within.