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Landscaping is more complex than it appears, and requires foresight and strategy to be correctly executed.
Attempting to coordinate the many elements of landscaping without a professional landscape contractor and a landscape plan can result in delays in services and very costly mistakes that fail to meet expectations. Landscape plans are crucial components to the success of any landscaping project. They itemize clearly what is being brought to the table by the landscaping professional, and they allow the homeowner time to consider the details of the design and request any desired changes prior to the work being undertaken.

Landscape plans also establish the scope of a project by limiting the possibility of delays or major mistakes occurring throughout the course of the project. A landscaping firm such as Exterior Worlds will ultimately bring in a number of artisan subcontractors to handle various details of the project. Specifics such as swimming pools, masonry tiles, and outdoor lighting must be coordinating in advance. Understanding clearly what these elements will be and where they will be positioned along the landscape will help accomplish two very important things. First, it will ensure that all subcontractors who are brought in on a project clearly understand the role they are to play, the scope of their respective projects, and the timeline required for completion of essential components. Secondly, and equally importantly, it will ensure that that all specific elements interconnect to create a comprehensive aesthetic that appropriately compliments the exterior architecture of the home itself.


Landscaping plans also establish the scale of the project by creating a visual piece that all parties can reference. Complex exterior designs rely heavily upon the combined aesthetics of balance, harmony, and proportion. By creating a visual reference point for each and every element in the landscape, designers can show first the homeowner, and second all subcontracted entities, which essential elements are located in relation to one another. This makes it easy for all parties involved to negotiate any necessary changes, and it maintains efficiency in process flow from start to finish by making it clear where every intended element is to be placed, and what distance will lie between the various elements of the completed project.

Landscape plans also allow the homeowner to feel comfortable about what they are buying. Most people have a general idea of how they want their property to ultimately look. Not knowing the specifics of what will be involved, however sometimes make them feel a bit trepidatious about investing in a high-end design that will involve third party entities and a great deal of sophisticated outdoor structural work. Putting these details on paper allows the homeowner to see both the small details and the big picture, so to speak. Things such as decorations and structures placed within gardens, outdoor kitchens, and exterior rooms are drawn to scale so people can have a clear frame of reference to work with during the consultation process.

Normally, we consult with the homeowner first and draft a preliminary proposal based upon the desires they express for an ultimate outcome. These initial landscape plans are then published and further revised as needed. Once we have drafted a final plan, in house landscapers and subcontractors are called in to set things in motion. Our experience has taught us that working with a very detailed plan that functions as a fluid, yet consistent point of reference, ensures both maximum efficiency and superior aesthetic outcomes for our clients at the end of the day.

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