Land and Earth Artist

The forms that a land and earth artist creates in a yard are inspired by the landscape design itself.
This is why we recommend that Houston homeowners who are interested in this very unique, warm, and highly expressive form of outdoor art invest in the services of Exterior Worlds By developing artwork within the framework of a Houston landscaping plan, a superior unity will emerge between the home, the surrounding property, and unique zones of interest that combine together into a holistic outdoor living experience. Landart can make a profound difference in any yard without overdoing itself because it is by nature simple in constitution, and very often also highly conceptualism with a strong bent towards minimalism.

Accent, vertical impact, new dimension, and unique patterns of color can all be added to the landscape with the very same materials used to create patios, walkways, courtyards, and gardens. Land and earth artists with our company always look for ways to build form into the land itself. Even something as simple as changing its grade to build a berm, can add a profound sense of vertical impact with a form that in reality measures only inches in actual height. More advanced forms, and very sophisticated abstract patterns, can often be made from simple mixtures of colored stone, soil, and slow-growth plants.


For example, a human face can be created out of soil, stone, and vegetation. Distinguishing facial features like the eyes can be made from tile or colored glass, making the majority of the structure organic, indigenous, and cost effective to build in terms of materials. Many animal forms are even easier to create. An experienced land and earth artist can create the shapes of turtles and birds, and even the occasional snake for the avid reptile enthusiast, using patterns of simple stones framed by a contrasting bed of gravel.

Contemporary and modern landscape design can be significantly enhanced without appearing overly “busy” by building geometric shapes out of stone, soil, and selective additions of decorative concrete and glass. This allows the contemporary homeowner to accent his or her yard with much more than outdoor sculpture displays. When the entire landscape is sculpted, the whole property takes on the appearance of a highly individualized, and also strangely warm, expression of personal self.

Because the land and earth artists who work for Exterior Worlds are professional landscapers by trade, they are also highly skilled at building outdoor rooms out of forms that people would typically regard as land art. For example, many berms are used to plant all sorts of interesting vegetation, including small trees that can add a profound sense of beauty to a yard. Rather than simply building a form like this for purely decorative effect, we can construct it around a seating area to create an enclosed, private outdoor room made almost entirely of soil and living matter. Decorative retaining walls can also be constructed that work to frame the façade of the house with vertical impact on either side with motifs that mirror its home architecture. Meditation gardens with vanishing fountains can be placed in the center of a checkerboard forms, or a spiral design, that moves the eye toward the calming center of bubbling, quiet water.

Land and earth artists with Exterior Worlds will also work with your own ideas for artwork and integrate them into a landscaping design that ultimately magnifies your home and dramatically improves your curb appeal.