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Houston landscaping design

The ultimate goal of Houston landscaping design is to transform the home and the yard into a unity between organic and inorganic elements that create an outdoor realm of harmony, balance, peace, and enjoyable activity. In order to do this, the Houston landscaping design specialists at Exterior Worlds must focus on much more than lawn and garden maintenance. They must take bring a blended set of skills in construction, planning, botanical science, and masonry to the table in order to produce a master landscape plan that will bring every feature on the landscape together in a single vision at the end of the day.

Residential landscape design, as the name suggests, begins with the residence itself. The methodology used in high-end Houston landscaping design pays a tremendous amount of attention to the home itself. This is because the intent of our work here is to create an outdoor living environment that rivals the home interior.

As such, it must function as a mirror to the home on at least a subconscious level, and it must convey the emotional sensibilities of the home that was chosen by the client in the first place to be a focal point of lifestyle and personal taste.

Some houses, such as French, Mediterranean, and Colonial style dwellings, are built exclusively upon historical or cultural motifs. Other homes, however, are based on architectural styles that are more conceptual or emotional in nature. Examples of these styles include designs such as modern, traditional, and contemporary architecture.


To be successful, the professional landscaper must pinpoint the most important keynotes the architecture of a house and accordingly develop landscape elements that appropriately reflect their significance.

Garden design can be similarly accomplished done from either a cultural/historical standpoint or a strong bent toward customization. It all depends upon the yard. Many Houston landscaping designs revolve around cultural and historical motifs to support architecture from specific countries of origin and periods in history.

We see this a great deal in French landscapes and Mediterranean themes. Others gardens are more artistically or geometrically oriented, such as those used in contemporary and modern landscape design.

It is safe to say that for every discernable style of landscaping there is a discernable style of garden design to support and enhance it. Some examples include French, English, Parterre, Japanese, Zen, Contemporary, and Modern.

In any given Houston landscaping design, no matter what style of architecture or garden design is present, anywhere from 60%-80% of the landscape master plan will probably consist of hardscapes or man-made structures. When most of us think about hardscapes, we tend to visualize patios and driveways—or, in other words, horizontal surfaces that are level with the surface of the ground.

Actually, these are only a partial list of hardscape forms. Technically, a hardscape is any inorganic structure built within in a yard. Masonry, walkways, and retaining walls are some examples of vertical hardscapes.

Outdoor rooms do not have the types of enclosing walls we find in rooms within a house. Many often hedges or small masonry walls that define their boundaries, but otherwise, they are open to the air so people can see the yard and surrounding Houston landscape in their entirety.

Outdoor buildings, however, are another matter. Outdoor buildings are almost always built with at least three walls and some sort of ceiling. This is due to the fact that they are designed to provide comfortable environments within which to entertain guests and host events. Common examples of such are outdoor living rooms and outdoor kitchens.

Surprisingly to some, swimming pool renovation, remodeling, and construction are vital ingredients to the successful completion of any Houston landscaping design. This is because the pool must look proportional to the home and to the yard, and because its geometry and depth must mirror the aesthetics of the surrounding garden design, tree growth, hedges, and hardscapes.

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