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Contemporary Garden Fountain

By definition, a contemporary water fountain is a custom-designed water feature that is distinguished by very stark geometry, superior construction materials, and technological sophistication. Contemporary garden fountains are tranquil and discrete; operating on remote, silent pumps that circulate water silently so that all you hear is the water itself.

One thing it will definitely do for you is drown out the sounds of the city with the peaceful sounds of running water. Contemporary landscape design is all about Mentalism. Adding an island of tranquility to the challenging geometry of the landscape is an excellent way to balance sense and sensibility throughout your yard.

Contemporary water fountains are built to compliment the unique keynotes of a particular modern-style home. Their designs are based on linear forms and radial arcs. Decorative flair is carefully avoided in most cased because of this style’s deliberate passion for the abstract.

A contemporary garden fountain is often built as the centerpiece in a courtyard garden of some sort. When lit with underwater lights, it can illuminate the immediate seating area around the fountain and serve as a focal point for conversation.

A contemporary garden fountain will add a distinctively unique type of vertical impact to any contemporary garden. Water suggests the essence of life but is technically inorganic. Its lack of form is ideal for a landscape style based on abstract concepts that challenge the familiar forms that comfort the five senses. However, water’s function as the foundation of life itself it paradoxically works to soften a contemporary landscape at the same time.


Any material that catches the eye and provides a stable structure will work, really. Cut, finished stone is a favorite among many contemporary Houston homeowners. Resin and fiberglass also make excellent building materials for smaller fountains used to decorate small courtyard gardens or private patio gardens. This is done to emulate stone or concrete in an environment that cannot support a great deal of weight.

Another very popular construction method is to blend metal with some kind of stone. Various materials are used to create the highly stylized surfaces created by blending copper, bronze, iron or steel with cast stone, cast stone resin, slate, marble, or even river rocks. The combinations of texture and color that can be created from these composites are truly infinite.

Contemporary garden fountains can range from very small, simple structures to structures built into hardscapes that are large enough for children to play in. Whatever you want your fountain to appear as, it can basically be built to order, and it can work plan either as the central hub of outdoor living or as a supportive element of a special point of interest on the Houston landscape.

Make no mistake about it– adding a contemporary garden fountain in the center of the front yard will definitely add curb appeal to your property. When a person looks at your yard, the fountain will immediately draw his or her attention directly to the front door. Adding a similar fountain to the backyard it will suggest a strong feeling of outdoor living to prospective buyers.