Houston Covered Patios

Many people are enjoying peace, tranquility and pure comfort this summer in spite of the high temperatures here in Houston. Covered patios are making it possible for homeowners to relax outside without feeling like the heat is sucking the life out of them. These special patios are often built as add-ons to the house and operate much like an outdoor room without walls. They can also be built as standalone structures just like gazebos and pergolas.

They also require more than a simple covering to shield them from the sun. A solid roof or decorative awning should be used to create an acceptable level of shade and protect the patio from rain. Fans and misters should be installed to keep a cool breeze on the occupants at all times. Misters and fans are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Getting the structure itself built right, however, requires some genuine landscape architecture skills and the ability to interface with multiple layers of contractors.

Here in Houston, covered patios attached to a home are an excellent way to add tax free equity to the value of a house. Texas law prohibits taxing any addition to a standing house. You continue to pay the same taxes you have always paid on your house, but you are now paying on a house with a new outdoor living room that increases home curb appeal through its blend of outdoor freedom and indoor comfort.


Move past the stereotype of a crude roof that simply shades a slab of concrete. In many public places in Houston, covered patios often look this way because they are cost effective and practical. They are added to a restaurant or bar so people can eat, drink, or smoke outside. Because people move in and out of establishments and often do not sit on the patios for hours, these structures can afford to be very simple and plain in their design.

However, when Exterior Worlds adds an outdoor room to a house in Houston, covered patios rank among some of the most sophisticated structures we create. Awnings can be automated to retract on cooler evenings in the fall when people want an open view of the sky. Cost effective climate controls can be added, along with a lighting system that can be operated with controls and dimmers.

Other features can also be built into the patio area that accommodate eating, drinking, and entertainment. Some people want an outdoor kitchen built on one side of the patio. Others may want an outdoor bar. Some even want televisions and stereos installed so they can watch movies, listen to music, and even dance around the patio.

In addition to developing landscaping designs, Exterior Worlds acts as general contractor of landscape architecture services in Houston. Covered patios must be built in relationship to the home and the yard, so they often feature many unique designs that may require specialists to complete. It is easier for the homeowner to let Exterior Worlds determine which contractors should be brought in on the project and interface with only the landscape designer as the single point of contact.

This prevents surprise invoices and prevents miscommunications that can cause a collaborative effort to grind to a halt and fall apart. Supervision of the team is something that we handle to ensure that the designs we develop for the homeowner take shape as intended.