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Houston Outdoor Patio

One of the most impressive effects that a Houston outdoor patio has on a landscape is the creation of focal points. Its very presence will draw people toward an intended point of interest where comfort and entertainment turn outdoor space into outdoor living. Such a structure can be added to any location in your front or back yard to which you wish to give special prominence. Swimming pools, custom fountains, gardens, arbors, and even open spaces under lighted trees can be transformed into unique and very individual outdoor living environments where comfort and aesthetics generate a sense of special space within space that both unites and intensifies the impressions of natural elements and outdoor architecture.

To arrive at this effect you need more than a company that can pour concrete or lay down stones. You will need to work with one our landscape experts with extensive experience in hardscape planning. These design specialists know how to create relationships between highly divergent landscape elements and present a unified aesthetic at the end of the day. In Houston, an outdoor patio is a key component of such a unified presentation because it literally connects to divergent elements of the yard in a physical manner that is at once both functional and aesthetic.


Just a few examples that illustrate how this is accomplished follow:

The Swimming Pool
Houston is hot, so adding an outdoor patio around the pool will draw guests to the water and provides them with a place to stand, have drinks and conversation, sit, and recline. It also extends into the landscape and touches any number of surrounding elements. Aesthetic features such as gardens and fountains are made to appear closer to the swimming pool and more a part of its ultimate design. Functional elements near the pool such as outdoor kitchens and lighted wooden arbors become conveniently accessible because of the connecting hardscape between them. This allows you to host events that rely upon the water as the focal point of the gathering without limiting your guests strictly to poolside.

Entry Garden
Another location where Houston families like to add an outdoor patio is in the entry garden. People feel very much at ease when they are surrounded by greenery and flowers. When the right kind of outdoor lighting, decorations, and furnishings are used to populate a custom seating area within a garden, the entire space subsequently takes on the persona of a natural room that encourages conversation and socialization in relaxed environment. This will go a long way toward helping both you and your guests detox from all the emotional stress factors that challenge the hard-working Houston professional day in, and day out.

Private Seating Area
If you are a Houston couple who treasures your privacy, an outdoor patio for reading, conversation, or meditation can be built in a corner of your yard, or adjacent to a fountain or Zen garden dedicated to the tranquility of you and your spouse. Such a place has proved to be a very calming element for a number of our clients, who prefer to have one portion of their landscape segregated from the rest of their yard for private use.

The above illustrations show us that there really is no limit as to where we can construct these exceptionally versatile and highly aesthetic functional structures. Location is not the defining factor to their value, but rather, complimentary essence is the key to their most impressive design. Any hardscape that is added to the natural greenery of your yard must be built of materials that harmonize with organic elements. Special materials such as stone or cast stone will make a seating area appear more like a part of the natural world. Pavers are less organic, but can be laid down with such skill and intricate patterns that they become mirrors to the growth patterns of surrounding vegetation.

The only exception to this rule of organic compliment is in modern and contemporary landscaping. Here, human structures are intended to deliberately dominate the natural. Hardscapes here must be carefully planned to express abstract themes and work together with architecture in the same manner that a custom Houston outdoor patio works with organic designs in more traditional landscaping themes. Concrete works best in these environments and offers a world of design opportunity when stained, colored, or textured for deliberate effect.