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The best way for homeowners to ensure optimal Houston lawn care is to have it itemized as a component of a landscape maintenance contract based specifically upon a master landscaping plan.
This ensures that property values remain at their highest by keeping all elements of the yard and landscape at optimal health and maximum aesthetic at any time of day or night, or season of the year.

One of the more important elements to such a plan involves inspecting the yard to make certain that the right types of grasses have been installed in the correct locations. San Augustine grass is practically universal throughout the American south. It is a very hardy and resilient species that can take a pounding from the elements, and it grows just as well in the shade as it does in the sunshine. When it is green and healthy, San Augustine grass is also very attractive. However, when it becomes scorched by the Houston heat, brown patches appear that make maintaining a yard a headache for Houston lawn care do-it-yourselfers.

One of the things we do to overcome this is to diversify a lawn with a variety of grasses that will thrive in the Gulf Coast climate in variable sunlight conditions in differing parts of the yard. Two of the most popular species we plant are Bermuda and Zoisa grass. These grow exceptionally well in sunny areas, and when added to a yard, will instantly distinguish it from neighboring residences and create a layering of green color that appears more vibrant and dynamic even during the more cloudy times of the year.


Water can also be a tricky component of Houston lawn care. People frequently overwater certain areas, or they water the yard when the sun has already become too hot. Due to constraints on free time, many Houston residents are now using automated sprinkler systems to water their yards at night. This is not always the best time to water certain grass species, though, and it is hard for the lay person to know exactly when is the best time to water certain grasses before the sun gets too hot. Even more difficult for is the calculation of how much water to deliver to specific areas in the yard that have been planted with atypical, yet very attractive, grass species.

This is why we strongly recommend that all homeowners consider having Exterior Worlds install a professional irrigation and drainage network that will handle every aspect of lawn, garden, ground cover, and tree care. These irrigation systems are custom designed to a specific landscape. They are all fully automated and much more advanced than retail sprinkler systems because they are built to support the master landscaping plan. Such a system will selectively water different to parts of the yard at optimal times of day. It will also deliver just the right amount of water to the particular grass species that is growing in that zone.

Another very vital component of Houston lawn care is fertilizer. Our team fertilizes a yard between four to six times per year, and we use only low salt fertilizers. We strongly recommend adding this as a line item to any maintenance agreement. This is because different grass species growing in different parts of the yard will need different types and amounts of fertilizer. Experts with degrees in botany know what to use and where, and they also know how to create own compost mixtures when necessary.

Perhaps one of the most critical elements, though, of Houston lawn care is something many people in our city never even think about: soil aeration. Gulf Coast soil is a thick, clay-like mixture that quickly compacts and compresses out underground pockets of oxygen that grass and plant roots need to grow. Once this happens, root and plant growth are stunted. Aeration is necessary to restore soil oxygen content, but it is not easy. Even with a machine, it is a time consuming and grueling task. Exterior Worlds, however, will do it for the busy homeowner, and we will do it right the first time.

We talk a great deal about maintenance contracts in our Houston lawn care articles, and we do this for good reason. Life is simply too busy and unpredictable now for the working professional to consistently to every element of home and landscape. A landscape maintenance contract ensures that nothing ever falls through the cracks that could in turn cause property values to fall.

Instead, every landscape element yard is individually attended to with the right amount of attention, proper tools, the best materials, and at the right time. Not only will we maintain the health and vitality of the grass in the yard, but also maintain shrubs and ground cover, trees, flower beds, fertilization of all yard zones and plant types, and ground surface and irrigation maintenance as required by the individual homeowner’s needs.

The specifics of each Houston lawn care contract are always based upon the landscaping design of the property and the many different elements that work together comprehensively to give the property its own unique and distinguished aesthetic created by master-planned project by Exterior Worlds.