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Custom Fire & Water Fountain Design Case History

Fire and water fountains place two opposing forces together to create startling and dramatic artistic statements in a landscape design. If you were to rate the various hardscapes used by professional landscapers along a horizontal scale, fire and water fountains would be situated on the far right—where the big wow-factors live.

In nearly every civilization since time began, humans have been fascinated by the interplay between fire and water. Many elaborate myths from different societies use these two primal elements as major players. We modern humans have not changed all that much. Fire still fascinates. Water still enthralls.

Fire and water fountains make for memorable garden designs in homes where guests are regularly entertained. People definitely remember the party that had such flair—and flare. They are also wonderfully appropriate for commercial applications, particularly for restaurants, clubs and other businesses that are open at night.

These fountains are well-suited for modern landscape designs, especially when the water portion is designed as a contemporary water fountain. The fire just gives it that much more pop.

Exterior Worlds has designed many of these fountain types for clients in and around the Houston area. One example from our portfolio is a stand-alone fountain that was carved from a large travertine block. The gas and water lines run up through the vessel. As the urn fills with water, the water spills over the edges of the vessel, creating a pleasing burbling sound. The gas ring is mounted just above the water line and, when lit, is designed to appear as if the fire is sitting atop the water. For another client, we built a fire and water model as part of a pool water fountain with a smaller urn that holds the fire element sitting in the middle of a classically shaped fountain. This pool water fountain is situated to the side of a custom swimming pool and the fountain water flows into it.

At Exterior Worlds, we have the skill and expertise to do the job right from the very beginning. In all our professional landscaping projects, we perform careful pre-planning so that you don’t end up with a glaring problem in the finished product. We are committed to our founding principles of giving customers the best possible service, selection, quality and value. Our goal is to provide you with unforgettable luxury without any sacrifice to style or convenience. Specific to fire and water fountains, our goal is to make a water element that is pure attraction.

We have years of experience in producing highly personalized signature designs for all your landscaping needs, including outdoor water fountains. We provide our clients with a focus on scale and style that is imperative when designing something as complicated and remarkable as a fire and water fountain. These fountains are particularly stunning at night and so we pay careful attention to the appropriate landscape lighting. Further, we will be with you every step of the way—from concept to first lighting.

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