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Coverd Custom Outdoor Kitchen Design & Installation

A recent landscaping project for the Pesek family was highlighted by the construction of a very unique outdoor kitchen. This was something of a challenging outdoor room to build because it was planned in an area of the yard that lies beneath street level. Thanks to a very methodical and systematic survey and planning procedure we use we use in developing landscape master plans, we were able to develop a workaround to this design build challenge.

A survey of the property, along with the subsequent model of the proposal that we developed, showed us the exact degree of grade elevations we were facing, and provided us with all the necessary data to accomplish our mission. Instead of relocating the structure to a less convenient higher point on the landscape, we were able to design a special, silent, hidden water pump that would drain waste water from the structure and send it into the main drain system of the yard.

A number of specialized features and appliances were also added to this outdoor kitchen in order to make it so operational that no one ever has to run inside. One of the more unique of these features of this outdoor kitchen was a custom smoker that allowed our clients to barbecue and to smoke specialty meats from the convenience of a central outdoor food preparation area.

We also added side burners next to the stove that were intended of use in preparing such fare as heated sautés, soups, and chili.. This frees up more stove space for preparing meats and vegetables, and it allows the cook to still keep a close eye on side dishes while they are being prepared.

Because so many outdoor events are hosted after sunset, it is very important that any outdoor kitchen have superior night lighting. In addition to standard room lighting, we also installed a special task light just for cooking. The quality of this fixture allows even the finest textures and colors in foodstuffs to be clearly seen on even the darkest nights.

We then installed a stainless steel sink and an instant water heater in the outdoor kitchen. For food storage, we added an outdoor rated refrigerator. In addition to functioning on fully equivalent level to indoor refrigerators, it is specifically engineered to withstand the climatic and temperature variances associated with outdoor use.

The Peseks had requested that we do more than build this structure as simply a place for cooking food. They wanted a special an outdoor living experience, replete with décor and amenity, that they could share with family and close friends. One of the things they did not want were the standard stainless steel cabinets and drawers that are typically used in outdoor buildings. Instead, they felt that custom mahogany cabinets and drawers would better establish a sense of warmth and invitation.

To further develop this sensibility, we built a fireplace for them in the center of one wall. We also added several fin furnishings to create the atmosphere of an outdoor living room. When you sit in these sofas, you enjoy a superb view the landscape, because the outdoor kitchen is built at a terminus point of the whole yard, and lies in a direct line of site from the swimming pool.

Finally, to complete the feeling of the finest Houston outdoor living you can imagine, we installed a fully operational sound and entertainment system in the room. Now, the Pesek’s can prepare a full course dinner for special guests and enjoy a movie, CDs, or, on cooler nights of the year, a warm conversation by the fireplace.

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