What is Deck Planning?

It is an integral part of Houston landscaping design that adds a deck to a home or a pool in a manner that contributes curb appeal to the entire property. We like to feel this is a very unique approach to custom deck design, because we build the structure with surrounding elements in mind. We never treat it as a standalone item, or as a mere add-on to the home.

How can you guarantee that your deck planning services will be superior to those of deck building companies I have found online?

We are not saying we are superior in the sense you may be thinking. In fact, we often subcontract many of the same companies you are probably looking at right now. The difference between working directly with them and working directly with us goes back to the answer to your first question.

We consider things like deck access, deck location, deck size, and deck geometry in terms of how they contribute to the landscape master plan. The deck builder’s expertise is certainly an integral part of this. Our expertise is to provide linkage to all the other things we create in your Houston outdoor living environment.

Do you have a set of plans that we can look at to see if there is anything that you have previously built that we would like for our yard?
We have case studies on our website. Some of these have descriptions of decks that we have built. We can discuss previous projects we have done for homes similar to yours in a consultation. Keep in mind that what we really like do in deck planning is look at pictures of structures that you bring to the table. Consider this something of a visual wish list that we can then work into a design that will be personalized to your home and yard.

Does this cost more money?

Not when you think about how much money it would cost to have a beautiful deck built that works with your house, but not with the rest of your yard. You have to always look at things like deck planning from the perspective of enhancing curb appeal without the risk of diminishing it.

What types of wood can we choose from when working with your team?

We have access to all types of wood, and any other building materials, that are used in deck design. Deck planning specialists will help you candidly assess your own budget and match your available funds to the best possible materials for your particular project.

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